Akcagerme Beach is one of Kas’s best beaches. With its close proximity to Kas, Akcagerme is a favorite stop for summer visitors to Kas. Akcagerme received a blue flag designation in 2009 and is one of the few sandy beaches along the rocky coast Kas is known for. With its shallow water, this beach is perfect for families with small children in particular.

Akcagerme Beach is located just 4 kilometers from Kas on the coastal road connecting Fethiye and Antalya. After Small Pebble and Big Pebble Beach, Akcagerme is among the closest places to swim from the town center.

In contrast to the other beaches of Kas, the water at Akcagerme is a lovely emerald color. You’ll notice this color as you head along the coast from Kas before you even walk down to the beach. The pine trees surrounding the beach seem to complement this color.

Akcagerme is approximately 200 meters long. The side closer to Fethiye is surrounded by 5-10 meter-high coastal rock. The side closest to Kas is bordered by the stone blocks running towards Kas. You’ll find basketball and volleyball courts between the beach and the main road.

What sets Akcagerme apart from other beaches in Kas is its calm and wave-less sea. You can walk for meters into the sea without it getting deep. This is why families with small children prefer it; this shallow and calm beach is especially fun for children.

The coast is covered in sand and small pebbles, as is the sea floor. Your feet won’t hurt while walking on the beach or in the water. There are no big rocks or stones in the water; you’ll feel like you’re walking on air. The water is calm and incredibly clear. Akcagerme has some of the warmest water of any beach in Kas.

Akcagerme Beach is run by the students of the Kas Tourism and Trade School. This is the only beach in Kas, even in all of Antalya, that is run by students. The Kas Governate allocated this beautiful beach to the students of the Kas Tourism and Trade High School since they lacked a space to practice their trades.

The layout, cleaning, showers, and restaurant belong to the students of the Kas Tourism and Trade school. These students can put what they learn into practice at Akcagerme.

You can rent sunbeds, umbrellas, and canopies on the beach. The price for sunbeds and umbrellas is 7.5 TL, but renting is not required. You can put your towel down on an empty section of beach, soak up some sun, and enjoy the sea. The canopies at the end of the beach are quite chic; if you’d like, you can rent of them and stay out of the sun.

There are ice-cold showers at Akcagerme. Showering off after a swim or some sunbathing feels wonderful. Visitors to the beach can use the showers and bathrooms free of cost.

There is also a children’s water park at Akcagerme. After the students began running the beach in 2008, the water park was completed in 2010. The park contains three different colored slides and two pools.

The beach is usually calm and quiet despite the main road running so close by. You won’t find the loud music played at many beaches at Akcagerme. This is the perfect place to read a book and relax.

The enclosed restaurant and café area is quite big. Reminiscent of a tea garden, this café serves snacks like hamburgers, sandwiches, and pizza prepared by the students. You’ll also find cold drinks and ice cream. Prices are lower than at other beaches. They are meticulous about keeping things clean and hygienic.

You’ll also find the Tourism Park Country Restaurant (Turizm Park Kir Lokantasi) on top of the rocky cliffs next to the beach. This restaurant, located inside a designated picnic area, is also run by students. With its beautiful view of the coast stretching from Akcagerme to Kas, the Tourism Park Restaurant is a delightful place. Food is served ala carte.

The area where the restaurant is located sits under pine trees and has more shade than the beach. There are tables where you can have a picnic. You can also bring your own meat or fish and light one of their barbeques to cook it. Or you can just come here to spend some time in the shade of the pines if the beach gets too hot.

There is a campsite just behind Akcagerme beach on the other side of the road. This is a private business and is not run by students. Called ‘Muhtarin Yeri Yoruk Sofrasi ve Kamping’ (Muhtar’s Place Yuruk Kitchen and Camping), they offer tents for rent or you can bring your own tent.

It’s easy to get to Akcagerme. It takes just 10 minutes by minibus to get from Kas to Akcagerme. If you like to walk, there’s a scenic, four kilometer-long sidewalk that runs along the coast. And you can swim anywhere along the way. You’ll see both free and paid beaches along this road. All have beautiful turquoise water and are some of the least crowded places to swim in Kas.

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