With its coast, beaches, and bays, Kas is paradise. There are many places to swim in the center of Kas and surrounding the town. If you are looking for a beach that you can walk to from Uzun Carsi, Big Pebble is it.

Big Pebble is located south of Kas on the coastal side of the aptly named Big Pebble Street (Buyuk Cakil Caddesi). It’s a good option if you don’t want to go too far from the center. If you travelled a long way to get to Kas, you’ll probably be tired for a couple days. Keep Big Pebble in mind as a good option.

Büyük Çakıl Plajı, Kaş
Big Pebble Beach, Kas

Big Pebble Beach, Kas

Big Pebble gets its name from the large pebbles covering the beach. Sitting between two bright green, high hills, both sides of the beach end at a rocky cliff. Although the beach is made up of big pebbles, the seabed consists of mostly sand and small pebbles. Be sure to bring water shoes so you can walk on the beach comfortably.

The water here is wavier than other nearby beaches. This changes with the weather and time. Calm in the morning, it starts to get wavy after noon. Don’t expect completely calm water. But if you are lucky, Big Pebble might be calm the day you visit.

What makes Big Pebble special is that it’s fed with fresh spring water. The same can’t be said for every beach. You’ll swim through salt water and fresh water. The sea here is cooler than normal thanks to the mountain spring water that mixes in. If you came without knowing this, you’d find out as soon as you put your foot in the water. The only downside is that the water gets deep quickly.

The water’s turquoise color comes from the spring water flowing into the bay here. The blue color is truly magical. If you walk to Big Pebble, the color looks even better from above. Those of our guests that visit Big Pebble fall in love with this color.

In addition, Big Pebble is one of the best places to watch the sunset. As the sun fades, the restaurants here pull their tables onto the pebbles right next to the sea. This creates a romantic atmosphere and the closest place to the sea that you can eat in Kas. And Big Pebble’s restaurants don’t skimp on the seafood in their kitchens.

There is no fee to enter Big Pebble Beach. You can put your towel down anywhere you like and spend the entire day. You don’t have to rent a sunbed and umbrella. If you wish to however, there are cafes providing them here as well.

There are six restaurants lining the sides of the beach. If you’d like, they even bring food and drinks down to the sunbeds on the beach. Are you craving fries? Or something cold to drink? All you have to do is order it from your waiter. You won’t have to interrupt your sunbathing at all.

As long as you spend at least 50 TL, there is no separate price for the sunbeds and umbrellas here. The price of food and drinks here is about the same as in Kas. Ada Beach Restaurant is a nice family place on Big Pebble. They are honest and friendly people. You’ll feel right at home. They have a couple bungalows if you want to stay on the beach. You’ll find seafood, Mediterranean dishes, and fast food in their restaurant. Their jam is homemade and wonderful; they fry fresh potatoes, not frozen, so their fries are delicious as well.

Mermaid Beach Restaurant is Big Pebble’s cleanest and most organized restaurant. Their crew works hard; their service is fast and they seem to like their jobs. This restaurant is on the righthand side of Big Pebble. Their food is good too; we recommend their homemade fries with yogurt.

Kas Balik Restoran & Sahil Meyhanesi (Kas Fish Restaurant and Coastal Raki Bar) is a nice place with blue and white tables and decorative lighting. They play great music, especially in the evening. A welcoming atmosphere, a welcoming place, tasty food, great cocktails… They serve fresh and tasty fish. Their salad, homemade borek, and lemonade are also good. Their spreads of fish with raki are wonderful with generous portions.

Büyük Çakıl Plajı, Kaş
Big Pebble Beach

How to get to Big Pebble Beach

If you’re going to the beach from the center of Kas, start walking towards Small Pebble. If you haven’t seen Small Pebble Beach, you certainly should stop. It’s a small but cute place.

After passing Small Pebble, follow the road for another 20 minutes to get to Big Pebble. Since the road to the beach follows the coast, you’ll be able to see Big Pebble from above. Don’t forget to take pictures here!

It’s 1.3 km from the town center. If you don’t want to walk you can take one of the minibuses departing from the mosque in the square. Minibuses run every 15 minutes. You can also catch a taxi just next to the bus stop. A taxi from town will cost about 20 TL.

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