Ancient City of Xanthos Turkey

If you like to visit ancient cities, Kas is certain to make you very happy. Kas is simply exploding with history. We recommend that visitors also see the ancient city of Xanthos, located on the road between Kas and Fethiye just 45 km from Kas. Perched on two hills overlooking the plains surrounding the Esen […]

caretta caretta hakkında bilgiler

Mediterranean Beauty: Loggerhead Sea Turtles

Do you know the adorable turtles of the Mediterranean coast: Loggerheads? These turtles, which we’ll see frequently while exploring Kas’s bays by boat, are thought to have lived on this planet for approximately 100 million years.  Loggerheads come on land only to lay eggs and are considered to be endangered. Today, their numbers continue to fall due to manmade development and light […]

Saklıkent Kanyonu

Saklikent National Park

Saklikent National Park, located between Antalya and Mugla, is one of the country’s most visited national parks. It gets its name from the Saklikent Gorge, formed the Karacay Stream, a branch of the Esen River. The national park, wrapped around the surroundings of the canyon, is known for its natural beauty and sits on the […]

patara antik kenti

The Ancient City of Patara

Think of Kas as a treasure chest, a massive treasure chest that too big to explore it all. The rarest jewel in that treasure chest is Patara. With a length of 18 km, Patara is the Mediterranean Region’s longest beach, making it one of a kind. That’s not the only thing it has going for […]

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Kas Travel Guide

Kas is not only Antalya’s but one of Turkey’s most loved vacation spots. At the edge of the province, Kas is 190 kilometers from the provincial capital. Surrounding an old harbor, Kas evokes the feeling of a quaint coastal town. And with its 70 kilometers of coastline, is a real touristic paradise. But not only […]

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What to Do in Kekova

One of the most tranquil sailing routes for boats, Kekova is the most suitable location for those who not only seek escaping from noisy city life and spending holidays in a peaceful environment, but also those who want to stay in the middle of pure nature and the sea. It is hard to write brief […]

Hidayet Koyu

Hidayet Cove

Everyone who’s been to Kas has heard of the Cukurbag Peninsula. One of the many beautiful coves found on the famous Cukurbag Peninsula, Hidayet Cove is always listed as one of Kas’s best coves. Hidayet Cove gets its name from a man named Hidayet who once lived here. Only three kilometers from town, you can […]

akcagerme plajı nasıl

Akcagerme Beach

Akcagerme Beach is one of Kas’s best beaches. With its close proximity to Kas, Akcagerme is a favorite stop for summer visitors to Kas. Akcagerme received a blue flag designation in 2009 and is one of the few sandy beaches along the rocky coast Kas is known for. With its shallow water, this beach is […]

Küçük Çakıl Plajı

Small Pebble Beach

Small Pebble is a very small beach located in the center of Kas. Since it’s within walking distance from the center of town, this beach is a great choice for visitors looking to enjoy the waters of Kas without going too far. Despite being located in the center of town, the crystal clear waters of […]

Kaş'a Nasıl Gidilir

How to Get to Kas

Kas, once an unspoiled fishing village, is now a relatively unspoiled tourist town on the southern Turkey. Everything that a typical Mediterranean seaside resort in Kas. White washed houses cascade down the winding mountain roads to show the way to beautiful beaches and a harbor… You’ll probably get to Kaş by minibus from Fethiye or […]