Have you planned a boat trip with your friends on your birthday? Truly, it is a great idea. But the thought of turning out good meals aboard is quite overwhelming. You might think, cooking is cooking, but it will not work. The limited stock, appliances, constant movement and heat on the boat determines the cooking process on the boat.

To make this overwhelming task easier, there are certain tips and tricks that make cooking on a boat simpler. The below mentioned four tips will make the cooking on a boat experience easier.

Top 4 Tips for Cooking On A Boat

 1. Limited stock

Cooking on a boat is considered to be a difficult task as what is on board is all what you have got. As once you have left the dock, you will not return back if you suddenly realize that an ingredient is missing. Be it is tools, pans, provisions or recipe, you have to make a dish with whatever resources you have, until the next time you go to the store. To deal with this stress, the mantra is to:

  • Plan and make a list so that you don’t miss anything
  • Creativity is the key to success. Just remember, substitutes need not be perfect to cook a good meal.

2. Limited Space

Space is a big issue as there is limited space for stowing provisions, food preparations and for utensils and pans. This is not all, the burners are limited, smaller sink and small oven further makes cooking difficult. The best ways to deal with the space crunch are:

  • It is best to have multifunction things to save on space. Consider using the wine bottle instead of rolling pin or buy a can opener that can be used as a bottle opener or buy basic ingredients instead of specific food ingredients.
  • Don’t carry things that take too much of space for example, discard the cereal box and save the bag inside. But before you throw away anything, think about its purpose.

3. Limited water

There is a big chance that you don’t have as much as water as you will like to have aboard. So, manage with whatever water you have for cooking, drinking and washing dishes, produces and hands.

  • The key to success is to don’t waste water. Don’t run the faucet for long or don’t make extra tea or coffee as it means wastage of water.
  • If possible reuse the water. It is a great idea to use the water of canned mushrooms to make the spaghetti sauce.

4. Cooking from scratch and without electrical appliances

If you rely on packaged food or prepared food, preparing the food from the scratch on the boat might seem intimidating. The other concern might be to cook without the electrical appliances on the boat. To deal with these problems, some tips are:

  • Prepare simple dishes using basic ingredients that can be made by hand without requiring too many appliances.
  • Use the kitchen tools such as sharp knives instead of food processor and mixing spoon instead of potato masher.

The last but not the least, remember that the motion of boat also affects the cooking process. You need to consider that the boat will move erratically and the cutlery, pots and utensils might slide.

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