A holiday in Kaş is like no other

The waters around Kaş are amongst the clearest in Turkey.  They are so clear and clean that you can see the sea bottom without visual aids.  Of course it is possible to enjoy this unique feature with the guidance of a professional diver, or even obtain your own diving training and certification at one of the 20 or so accredited diving schools here in Ka.

As for the temperature in Kaş, its summery reputation speaks for itself, offering endless opportunities to enjoy plenty of sun on your holiday.

Isn’t it annoying when you return from the beach with sand stuck in every crevice?  Well, Kaş is also a treasure for its clean, stone and rock beaches, whether you prefer small smooth pebbles, or the edge of a rock that plunges right into the sea like an underwater cliff, Kaş offers an array of sand-free beaches.

You can also do paragliding in Kaş, one of the few locations in Turkey where you can soar into a sunset with literally a bird’s eye view of this corner of paradise, taking in the vast sea with all the many islands, including the Greek island Castellorizo (Meis), it is a surreal experience to say the least.

And of course a Blue Voyage is a must for visitors to Kaş.  Boats departing from Kaş harbour visit the many small bays in the area, where you can swim saturated in history.  You will feel like you have found paradise as you discover the merging of nature and history around beautiful Kaş and surrounding Turkish and Greek islands.

There are small pensions in and around Kaş offering rooms to vacationers with smaller budgets, as well as a selection of boutique hotels for moderate budgets.

Kaş attracts a truly diverse mix of people from all over the world as well as from Turkey and hosts a hearty local culture creating a fantastic mosaic of people to weave yourself into.

Plenty of bars and cafes offer live music and there are a couple of night clubs to be visited after a nice dinner at one of the roof-top terrace or harbour-side restaurants.

Only two hours away by car, Fethiye can offer slightly different experiences to explorers.

There really is no place quite like Kaş!

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