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Kalkan Boat Trip

Aperlai is a small, ancient Lycian port in Turkey. The ancient city of Aperlai has several sarcophagi, most of which are from the Roman era. The most glorious ruins of Aperlai ancient city are the massive city walls that start from the coastline and merge into the hillside. Parts of these walls are still visible. There are also the remains of two Roman baths near the ancient harbour.

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During the same era Aperlai ancient Lycian city was famous for being an important production centre of shellfish that generated purple dyes. These were the most expensive products of the ancient world. Known as the place where the first cloth dyeing was done in Anatolia, Aperlai ancient city is inaccessible by road but you can rent a crewed yacht from Kas or Ucagiz.

Firstly, we should note that the itineraries of our private Kalkan boat trip is planned according to weather conditions, density of bays, and demands of our guests. Instead of anchoring at the same bays with other boats, we prefer different bays to give our guests sense of comfort and freedom. Anytime during your Kalkan boat trip , you can enjoy a full day with watersports activities.

  • We depart from Kas or Kalkan marina at 09:00 or 09:30 in the morning. As you sip your tea and coffee which is catered to you as our gift, our boat sails to our first stop: Maradi Isle. You can swim in the waters of this small island using the goggles and flippers supplied from our boat, or shoot photos by your underwater camera during your Kalkan boat trip .
  • After our 30-minute swimming break, we anchor at Saribelen Isle to take the next swimming session and savour our lunch. While we cook your lunch using fresh ingredients, you can enjoy your time with our eqiupment like paddle board, underwater scooter available on the boat for your use or simply prefer sunbathing on the deck.
  • Following our fresh and tasty lunch, we sail to Kaputas Beach and anchor our boat there. After a 30-minute swimming break on the beach, we head to Besmi Isle, a prominent diving center in Turkey. Later on, we cruise to Firnaz cove. Enjoying a swimming session at this cove, we move to Kas marina.
  • We arrive at Kas marina by 18:00 in the evening. We offer you free prints of the photographs you take by your underwater camera during your Kalkan boat trip as a memory of your joyful moments on our yacht.







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