To give some brief information about Kalkan, we should first note that it’s a small harbour town 30 kms from Kas, which has a beauty resembling a fine painting. A quite vibrant town in the summetime, Kalkan is renowned for boat trips, yacht charters, bars, hotels, guesthouses, and fish restaurants as well as local attractions and various activities available in town.

Kalkan facts about its history are as follows: A town aligned to Kas district, Kalkan was founded by the merchants residing in Megisti Island nearby during the Ottoman reign, and was a prominent port of the age. But later, the role of maritime trade activities in the region diminished with the opening of the  Antalya road and hence the merchants deserted Kalkan.

Today, foreign residents of Kalkan are mainly the British. The famous Classical historian Herodotus referred to Kalkan as, “The Closest Place On Earth To The Stars”. With its pristine natural beauties and the ancient Lycian remains in its vicinity, Kalkan is a notable touristic destination in Turkey of global significance.

Kalkan is divided into three quarters by land. The first one is used as a bazaar today and includes narrow streets where old houses line each side. The landside quarter is a rather new settlement with estates and new developments. These mansions are generally built on the slopes for the impressive sea vista’s. Finally, the last quarter contains splendid hotels and mansions. A prominent touristic destination like it’s neighbouring town:,Kas, Kalkan is very close to Patara Beach, Kaputas Beach, and Blue Grotto, which are famous attractions in Turkey, and draw thousands to Kalkan every year.

The main economic  income for is Kalkan is tourism and  local people are striving to protect the historical texture of Kalkan. Please contact us for more detailed Kalkan.


Kalkan is a resort with ever-increasing tourism potential, with it’s marina serviced by advanced yachting facilities, bars, and fish restaurants. Besides its energetic nightlife, Kalkan offers several restaurants inviting you for idyllic seafront dining underneath the stars. You can take a seat at one of those excellent restaurants arrayed along the harbour and watch the breath-taking sunset and fishing boats.

Just like Kaş ,when eating in Kalkan you can find selections from various cuisines of the world as well as Aegean and Mediterranean style meals.

After a delicious dinner by the coast, now it’s time to party! You can enjoy yourself at your favourite bar and meet new people there. Please contact us for more details on Kalkan facts about entertainment facilities.


Let’s introduce you some other Kalkan facts about it’s places worth visiting. One of the most attractive attractions about Kalkan, Islamlar village, 6-7 km from Kalkan is a heaven on earth for it’s lush,endless  greenery. Having lunch in one of the several restaurants available in this village, where it is cool even in the summertime and trout farming is carried out.

Another highlight during your visit to Kalkan is the Blue Grotto, limited to sea access only. You will be able to see this unique natural formation by renting a boat from Kas or Kalkan. By taking a boat trip, you’ll be also able to visit the sunken city nearby. Don’t miss the worldwide-famous Kaputas Beach and the second longest beach in Turkey, Patara Beach, where you can enjoy sunbathing and swimming.


Located right between Kas and Kalkan, you can access exceptionally beautiful Kaputas Beach both by road and by boats which you can rent from Kas or Kalkan.

Most of the beaches in Kas-Kalkan region consist of pebbles. However, Kalkan is quite close to Patara Beach with it’s exquisite sand. You will be easily able to visit Patara Beach as a day trip as it’s close to Kalkan. For those who choose to stay in the town, Kalkan Beach with little pebbles and the other small beaches are available.

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