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Kas Travel Guide

Kas is not only Antalya’s but one of Turkey’s most loved vacation spots. At the edge of the province, Kas is 190 kilometers from the provincial capital. Surrounding an old harbor, Kas evokes the feeling of a quaint coastal town. And with its 70 kilometers of coastline, is a real touristic paradise. But not only […]

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kekova gezilecek yerler

What to Do in Kekova

One of the most tranquil sailing routes for boats, Kekova is the most suitable location for those who not only seek escaping from noisy city life and spending holidays in a peaceful environment, but also those who want to stay in the middle of pure nature and the sea. It is hard to write brief […]

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Kalkan Gezilecek Yerler

Kalkan Travel Guide

To give some brief information about Kalkan, we should first note that it’s a small harbour town 30 kms from Kas, which has a beauty resembling a fine painting. A quite vibrant town in the summetime, Kalkan is renowned for boat trips, yacht charters, bars, hotels, guesthouses, and fish restaurants as well as local attractions […]

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Patara Plajı hakkında bilgiler

Patara Beach

You can’t visit Kas without seeing the ancient city and beach of Patara. It’s one of the country’s longest, most unique, and amazing beaches. The beach is unique in that it is the only place on the Mediterranean coast with sand dunes extensive enough to make you feel like you’re in the Sahara Desert. By […]

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üçağız gezilecek yerler

Ucagiz Travel Guide

Ucagiz is a small village found in Demre County. Built on the coast, Ucagiz was known as Theimeussa in ancient times. Sitting on a natural harbor, Theimeussa’s history isn’t known in detail. What we do know is that this city was one of the cities that created the Lycian League and was a city of […]

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Castellorizo Travel Guide

Castellorizo is the island seen out in the open water across from Kas. This Greek island seems close enough to swim to. Just a 20 minute ferry ride away, Castellorizo is an island perfect for a day trip with its coastal streets, two-storied pastel houses, and restaurants serving fresh seafood. Castellorizo is also called Megisti […]

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letoon, antalya

The Ancient City of Letoon

The Ancient city of Letoon was built where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean. The ancient city is located near Kumluova Village in Mugla’s Seydikemer County. Found on the 65th kilometer of the main road between Fethiye and Kas, this city is an ancient Lycian settlement. The Lycian Civilization that you will hear of often while […]

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Limanağzı nasıl gidilir

Limanagzi, Kas

Thanks to its winding coastline, there are many bays found along the coast of Kas. Limanagzi Bay is one of these beautiful bays. South of Uzun Carsi, Limanagzi, only accessible by boat, is a daily trip that must be added to your list of places to see in Kas. Limanagzi is located diagonally left from […]

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Kaleköy Gezi Rehberi

Kalekoy Travel Guide

With its natural beauty, ancient cities, and amazing coastline, Kas is a unique place. But what about its villages? If you leave Kas without visiting its villages, you’ve missed out. One of them is different from all the villages you’ve seen before. Kalekoy, also known as Simena, found in Kas, is interesting and very beautiful. […]

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kaş marina

Kas Marina

With its beautiful bays and bright blue sea, Kas is an unmatched vacation spot, and is popular among sea and yacht lovers. The Kas Marina is a fully equipped option for those who like to explore different routes along the Aegean and Mediterranean. With its marina services and a variety of businesses, it’s one of […]

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Kaş Belediyesi Halk Plajı

Kas Municipality Public Beach

One of the most popular beaches on the Cukurbag Peninsula is the public beach run by the Municipality of Kas. Found between the beaches of Incebogaz and Hidayet, the municipal beach has gained popularity for its long beach surrounded by greenery, its calm water, and accessibility. It is a blue flag beach. The Kas Municipality […]

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