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Kekova Boat Trip

Kekova could be renamed heaven. It is where nature unites with history. Its turquoise waters are adorned by countless coves and bays. Take a shared or private boat tour to the magical and historical Kekova Sunken City.
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Shared or Private

Kekova Boat Trip

Kekova could be renamed heaven. It is where nature unites with history. Its turquoise waters are adorned by countless coves and bays. Take a shared or private boat tour to the magical and historical Kekova Sunken City.

Kekova includes Ucagiz village on the coastline, Kalekoy/Simena village with its famous fortress, and Kekova Island that stretches out to the historical sunken city across from Kalekoy. Established upon the ancient remains of Simena within the Kekova region, Kalekoy is only accessible by boat. Hosting a Crusader fortress, Kalekoy’s cozy narrow streets invite you to discover this beautiful place. Our guests on the Kas Kekova boat trip can visit this adorable town and shouldn’t miss trying its famous peach ice cream!

Lying across from the Simena peninsula is Kekova Island which was destroyed by several earthquakes during Lycian era (2nd cent. AD) but later resettled and flourished under Byzantine reign. Later the Arabian invasions forced Byzantines to desert the island. In 1990, Kekova Island was declared a protected area by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and swimming in the sunken city territory was forbidden. The Byzantine church ruins are visible in Tersane Bay and can be accessed by boat, near Kekova Island and you can swim and visit the ruins. Akvaryum Bay (named after its crystal clear waters) in Kekova is perfect for swimming and again can be accessed only by boat.

On this page you will find Kekova’s Sunken City Boat Tour – Kekova’s Hidden Treasures Tour, boat trip options info and prices and guide.

Information about Shared Kekova Sunken City Boat Trip is here. How many hours does the Kekova boat tour take? Kekova boat tour prices? Where does the Kekova boat tour depart from and where does it stop during the tour? What should you take with you? Information about the Private Kekova Boat Tour is given below.

Kekova Sunken City that is located near Kas. Off the coast of Turkey, the small island of Kekova is home to the ruins of an ancient city. Swimming and diving here are not allowed, but it’s easy to see its ruins due to the clear water. Boat tour in Kekova’s unique nature with plenty of swimming breaks. Kekova is a specially protected area, and swimming, snorkelling and diving are prohibited. A full-day boat trip through the crystal-clear Mediterranean waters. There’s an option of vegetarian or vegan lunch, but you need to let us know beforehand, and we will be happy to fix it up for you.

Kekova boat tour starts at 09:30 in the morning from Kaş Harbor in the center of Kaş. 30 minutes before our boat tour starts, Andifli, Liman Sk. Try to be at Larsoy Travel & Tourism Office located at 4 B. You can check the contact page for location information.

Our Kekova boat tour, which starts at 09.30 from Kaş Port, ends at Kaş harbor at around 18.00 in the evening.

Shared Kekova boat tour price is 50 for 2024. Price is per person.

With the shared Kekova tour, which is one of the must-do activities in Kaş, we discover the most attractive bays around the Sunken City, Kaleköy and Kekova on Kekova Island. We give long swimming breaks at every stop except Kekova Island. In Turda, we stop by Ufak Dere Bay, Eleksi Bay located on an island off Kaş, Aquarium Bay where you will fall in love with its crystal waters, Sunken City from the Lycian period, Kaleköy, Turkey’s most extraordinary village, and finally İnönü Bay. We return at around 18:00.

Passport or ID card, sunglasses, sun hat, swimwear, towel, biodegradable sunscreen

Pets. Drinks and food from outside.

Shared Kekova Boat Tour Route

Join a terrific 8-hour boat cruise around Kekova's most spectacular landmarks and spots, onboard Kaptan Ergun where comfort is a priority.
8 hours
Kaş Port
100 person max
Kids ✓

Çamlık Bay, also known as İnönü Bay, is our first stop on the Kekova tour. Our break in the bay is about 45 minutes. It is very exciting for our guests who set out to discover our first stop, Kekova. Because the blue and clear water of İnönü Bay is very beautiful. First we have tea there. After sitting back and watching the blue from the boat and drinking our tea, we are ready to go into the sea.

As the name suggests, Çamlık bay is surrounded by pine trees. The water is warm and without waves. If you want to go to the shore, make sure to take your sea shoes. In fact, this recommendation is valid for the entire tour. Since the surroundings of Kekova are generally rocky, it would be good to have a pair of sea shoes with you.

Aquarium Bay is our second stopover. After the journey that takes about 40 minutes, we prepare lunch while you swim in the sea in Aquarium Bay. Our swimming break in this bay is one hour.

Aquarium bay is one of the most beautiful bays around Kekova and is very suitable for those who want to dive because of its clear water. It is so pleasant to see the small fish on the rocks in the water while swimming, that we can’t convince our guests to get out of the sea most of the time 🙂

Our lunch menu is rich. Our menu consists of homemade olive oil dishes, grilled fish or chicken, meatballs, pasta, bulgur pilaf and salads. All our meals are cooked on the same day and under hygienic conditions. The dishes you have chosen from the menu are served directly at your table due to the pandemic, we think that the open buffet will not be healthy especially in this process. The health of our guests is very important to us. We enjoyed the aquarium bay to the fullest, it’s time for the new bays!

After two stopovers, we set out for Kekova, the most exciting stop. In fact, its old name was Kekikli Ova, but over time it turned into Kekova. Our starting point in Kekova is Tersane Bay. We start from Tersane Bay and head towards Doliceste Ancient City.

The shores of Kekova Island have a turquoise color and are very clear. We don’t want you to miss any point as the boat slowly sails around the island. The rocky island is covered with trees and bushes. The smell of iodine and thyme around the island mixes with each other.

Dolkisthe Ancient City, located on the northern coast of the island, is called Sunken City Kekova because a large part of it was destroyed by earthquakes and the remaining parts were submerged.

The city center and Byzantine ruins of the ancient city can be seen from above the water. We tell the history of the ruins here. Since Kekova Island has been declared a protected area by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry since 1990, swimming in this area is unfortunately prohibited. We set off again for our next stop.

Our next stop after Kekova is Kaleköy or Simena. We have a 1 hour break in Kaleköy. One of the most beautiful villages in Turkey. It is a very special place that can only be reached by sea. There is a castle on the top of Kaleköy, which is an urban protected area. If you wish, go up to the castle and watch the magnificent view from the top. If you wish, you can just wander around the village or swim on the beach.

Kaleköy’s ice cream is very famous. You will encounter it while walking around the village, you must try it. Don’t forget to take your camera with you before you go to the village, Kaleköy’s streets are full of photography.

Our next stop will be Shipyard Bay. Our break time in this bay is approximately 45 minutes. Shipyard is the only place where you can swim among the dark ruins. Swimming in the shipyard bay is truly a unique experience. Our guests already love this bay.

We swam, we wandered, we were tired, we deserved a little snack. During the break in the bay, we offer our guests the delicious fruits of Antalya. The sun is slowly losing its effect and we are on our way again to reach our last stop.

About half an hour later, we arrive at our last stop, İnönü Bay. There is a small canyon in İnönü Bay, which we arrived at around 17.00. If you wish, you can walk towards the canyon or you can enjoy the bay. Since it is our last stopover point, our guests, who spend their time with pleasure all day long, are both very happy and a little sad. Leaving these beauties is not easy.

We are on our way to Kaş. We say goodbye to our guests at the port and leave with the hope of meeting again next year.

Sunken City Boat Tour

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Kekova Boat Trip

Kas is a sweet town on the Turkish coast, known for its beautiful turquoise bays, and the best way to explore some of them is by going on a boat tour. There are plenty of options to choose from, but one of the most famous is the Kas-Kekova Boat tour.

  • Explore the sunken city in Tersane Bay
  • Admire the Simena Castle in Kaleköy
  • Swim, snorkel, and kayak through crystal waters
  • Enjoy an all-organic lunch prepaired on board

Kaş'ta 2005 yılından bu yana hizmet veren bir aile işletmesiyiz.


Profesyonel bir ekip ve bakımlı teknelerimizle hizmet veriyoruz

Kekova Sunken City Boat Trip

Private Kekova Boat Trip

Discover the sunken city of Kekova and spot the Byzantine ruins through the clear, turquoise waters. Stop in magnificent coves to swim, snorkel, and kayak and enjoy lunch prepared onboard.

Firstly, please note that the itineraries of our private Kas Kekova boat trips are planned according to weather conditions, density of bays, and demands of our guests. Instead of anchoring inthe same bays with many other boats, we prefer different bays to give our guests a sense of comfort and freedom.

As a rule, our boat is booked to specific parties only, that is you will not sail with people outside of your own group.

Our Kekova boat trip begins sailing from Kas Marina to our first stop at 9:00 – 9:30.

      • As you sip your tea/coffee on our deck and view the turquoise waters of Kas, we head to our first stop.

      • As the boat sails, enjoy the sun or try to catch fish using our fishing sets.

      • Now it’s time for swimming in the charming cool Mediterranean and refreshment. After a 1.5 hour trip, we take a swimming break in our first bay: Yaglica Bay.

      • At 11:30, we sail to Akvaryum Bay, opening of Kekova – resembling an aquarium for its depth and clarity.

      • At each swimming break, you can use the goggles, flippers, kayaks, paddle boards, underwater jet on our boat.

      • As you enjoy the sea and explore the secret underwater life, your all-organic lunch composed of tasty olive oil dishes and grills is cooked.

      • Following our pleasant lunch, we head to our next stop: Tersane Bay. It’s a popular bay and a destination for Kekova boat trips.

      • You will navigate towards depths of history as you get a glimpse of the city ruins submerged two-thousand years ago due to earthquakes. Cruising by the closest point of the sunken city, you can take photos or view the ruins

      • Leaving the unmatched beauties of sunken city behind, we head to Kalekoy. There, the grandeur of the Crusader fortress and the Lycian Royal Tombs are waiting for us.

      • After Kalekoy, we leave Kekova and head to Inonu Bay and begin sailing back to Kas.

      • Following a one-hour swimming break for refreshment in the sea, we head to our final stop: Kas Marina.

      • During the 9-hour Kas Kekova boat trip, you’ll enjoy swimming in the cool Mediterranean and seeing historical attractions,natural beauty and releasing all your stresses of modern life.







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