Thanks to its winding coastline, there are many bays found along the coast of Kas. Limanagzi Bay is one of these beautiful bays. South of Uzun Carsi, Limanagzi, only accessible by boat, is a daily trip that must be added to your list of places to see in Kas.

Limanagzi is located diagonally left from Kas. This location means that the sun shines on this bay for a long time. The bay is located at the foot of steep hillsides. Since these steep grades start right from the water, the beach area here is small. The high hills just behind the beach are covered in bright green vegetation. The plants consist of mostly low brush and stay green all year.

Limanagzi, Kas

That’s why Limanagzi is the greenest beach you’ll see in Kas. Its surroundings are green and their reflection makes the sea seem green as well. The water around Limanagzi is very calm and almost completely free of waves. It’s said that this area was used as a harbor in the distant past thanks to the protected area formed here by the mainland and nearby peninsula.  

If you’ve visited Kaputas you know; it’s lively and exciting. Limanagzi is just the opposite of Kaputas: calm and relaxing. Approaching the bay by boat, you’ll feel live you’ve been transported to another world. In contrast, in October and November at the end of the season, the number of tourists plummets and Limanagzi turns into a hidden shelter in every sense of the word.

The water here is very clear, and you can see interesting fish while swimming. Even loggerhead turtles stop by here frequently. Bring a pair of goggles to see the fish up close and explore underwater here.

There are four places providing accommodation and food service in Limanagzi. Since being declared a natural reserve, construction here has been banned. Most of the restaurants here provide sunbeds and umbrellas, couches, and cabanas that sit on wooden platforms.

You have the option of staying in a hotel or a bungalow here. After the crowds that visit the beach all day leave, you’ll have the whole bay to yourself. In this calm atmosphere, free of crowds and traffic, you’ll get to converse with the incredible sky and sea one on one.

One of the best parts of Limanagzi is that the Lycian Way passes along this route. Along with the towel, water shoes, goggles, sunscreen, and the like that you’ll bring, be sure to also pack a pair of tennis shoes. You can take a walk through the pine trees. The view from the route is beautiful. Using the Lycian Way, you can even walk all the way to Kas and back.

Nuri’nin Yeri (Nuri’s Place)

Nuri’s Place is Limanagzi’s oldest restaurant. It was opened in the 80s when there wasn’t a soul here. You can just spend the day or accommodate for the night at Nuri’s Place. If you like being surrounded by nature, this is just the place for you.

The restaurant has two beaches for overnight and daily guests. Their rooms are very clean, you can make a reservation with confidence. You can wake up among the pomegranate trees and jump straight into the sea. Each bungalow is named for a different county of Antalya.

The ingredients used in their kitchen are good quality, their portions are enough, their service good and fast, and their prices reasonable. They have good coffee, Turkish or otherwise. If you’d like to get some exercise, you can use one of their complementary kayaks to paddle around the bay. The cost to use their beach is 80 TL.

Bilal’in Yeri (Bilal’s Place)

One of the most popular places in Limanagzi is Bilal’s Place. It’s a bit smaller than Nuri’s Place, but really nice. It’s located at the edge of Limanagzi. Opened in 1988, Bilal’s Place is one of the oldest restaurants in the bay. It’s been run by the same family since the day it opened.

You can jump in the sea from their wooden platforms or the pebble beach, but the platforms are more enjoyable. Their food is tasty and clean. Try their shakshuka, garlicy yogurt, hamburgers, and grilled kofte. They don’t play music making them a good option for those looking for a quiet atmosphere. No matter which place you choose to stay, they all fill up after 10:30 so try to leave before then.

Delos Beach Hotel

Delos Beach Hotel is another business offering accommodation and food service in Limanagzi. Hidden among the olive trees, their wooden bungalows are sparkling clean and very nice. You can stay in these bungalows or in one of their stone rooms. You may prefer their luxury bungalows for extra comfort. The hammocks in the garden are perfect for resting or reading a book.

Delos Beach Hotel’s restaurant offers up a panoramic view and serves mostly Mediterranean dishes and meze. You have to spend at least 50 TL. This fee is taken upon your arrival, after which the sunbeds and umbrellas are free. If you want to use one of their kayaks, they charge 20 TL per hour.

La Moda Beach

La Moda Beach offers accommodation and food service in Limanagzi. The owners of this quaint boutique hotel treat their customers like they were guests in their own home. This family-run place isn’t fancy; it’s simple and very clean. Each of their rooms has a beautiful view of the sea. If you let the captain of your boat to Limanagzi know, he can drop you off right here.

There is no charge for sunbeds or umbrellas here, but they do require you to spend at least 60 TL. We liked that there was no music and the sunbeds were very comfortable. The view from the restaurant is nice; they have about 10 tables. Their food is quite good.

How to get to Limanagzi

You can use one of the boats that depart from Kas to get to Limanagzi. These boats leave every 30 minutes and bring you to Limanagzi in 15-20 minutes. The cost of a return ticket is 25 TL for adults and 15 TL for children. These boat transfers begin at 9:00 am and continue until 7:00 pm.

If you want to visit Kas in the spring or fall and hike on the Lycian Way, there is a trail you can take to Limanagzi. After getting off the Big Pebble minibus, follow the waymarks for the Lycian Way. It’s about a 45-minute walk to Limanagzi.

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