One of the 7 regions in Turkey, The Mediterranean Region boasts its many prominent touristic destinations. Kas is a district of Antalya province and 189 km from the city. Kas is the coolest town across the Mediterranean coast of Turkey in the summertime yet where the temperature never drops below 0°C in winters. It lays 160 km. from Dalaman airport and 192 km. from Antalya airport, and can be accessed by bus as well as airlines.

There are plenty of bays in the vicinity of Kas, presenting diverse cultures and historical background. The region ranges on the foothills of the Toros Mountains and it has steep and rugged terrains. Most particularly, Kas Kalkan-Kekova region hosts fascinating bays and crystal clear waters for yacht charter passengers. The Mediterranean climate is prevalent in the region where the weather is usually hot in summers. It’s also a favourite route for sailing fans due to the strong summer winds.

Kas Kalkan region is the top choice for boat trips. Many alternatives are available for newcomers wanting to take boat trips or make crewed yacht rentals or gulet charters. It is more attractive than the rest of the Mediterranean region because  of it’s uniquely appealing bays, clean waters, and rich cultural heritage. Notably, Kas is a very  prominent  destination among all due to Kas attractions and Kas activities. Kas and its surroundings attract a great number of tourists who  would like to take a relaxing  holiday but also visit historical remains as the region has a properous background dating back to the Lycian age.

Unlike many other resorts in Turkey, Kas is a quite peaceful town since it’s small and boutique hotels, friendly guesthouses, and private mansions have been built throughout the town rather that large 5-star hotel complexes  offering all-inclusive packages.

Things To Do In Kas

There is a wide range of activities in Kas for its visitors. Kas is definitely a favourable destination for boat trips and boat charters. You can take daily boat trips or choose yacht charters lasting for several days to sail for new experiences in life. Plus, you can travel to the lovely little Greek Island Megisti (Kastellorizo – Meis) by ferries leaving Kas harbour everyday or by renting private boats.

Moreover, Kas is a premier diving center in Turkey. Every year, thousands of local and foreign tourists visit the region for diving. For its underwater wrecks, caves and canyon, Kas is a heaven for divers. Underwater Kas attractions can be listed as follows: Asirli sea cave, Guvercin Ini sea cave, Blue Grotto, canyon, sunken fighter, and shipwreck. Things to do in Kas aren’t limited to diving. Another option for those seeking infinite excitement is paragliding. You can do paragliding with reliable equipment, guided by experienced trainers. Kas is one of the most suitable locations for paragliding in Turkey, considering its land formation and climate. Other Kas activities are kayaking, fishing, and sunbathing on local beaches.

Where To Go In Kalkan

Similar to Kas, Kalkan is another resort with exquisite beauty. Especially, Kalkan mainly attracts British tourists with its spectacular local hotels, guesthouses, stores.


There are various attractions in the vicinity of Kalkan and Kas. The most popular highlights are the worldwide famous Kaputas beach, Patara beach that ranges on a broad coastline, a real natural wonder,Saklikent canyon, Belenti that houses several rock tombs and Lycian type sarcophagi dating back to Roman period, and the former Lycian capital; Xanthos. Similar to Kas,there are many things to do in Kalkan, a wide range of options.You can reach Kalkan from Kaş very easily and quickly.

Kas is one of the exceptional destinations in Turkey, with its intact natural beauties such as breath-taking bays, turquoise waters. Kas activities and Kas attractions invite visitors old and new to see it’s unique treasures.




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