Kas welcomes you with its fascinating distant panoramic views as you head to the town. To give some brief information about Kas and it’s geographical location, we should draw a rectangle between Cukurbag Peninsula, the lovely Greek island Megisti (Kastellorizo), Inceburun Cape and Uluburun peninsulas – where the remains of the shipwreck currently exhibited at Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology were unearthed. Although  it’s a very small town in terms of land, Kas has a well-established history. It’s separated into two quarters by the shops aligned on the left hand side of the main avenue.

he shops, restaurant, and bars surrounding Cumhuriyet Square forms the town centre of Kas and is ever-dynamic. You can have wonderful time in Kas as it offers a broad range of activities and there are many stores available for shopping. Kas square is literally the heart of the town pulsing with human and vehicle traffic in the narrow roads dating back to the old Lycian city and the friendly side streets. Some other Kas facts are the shops arrayed on each side of its most famous avenue Uzun Carsi, its charming old houses embellished by paper flowers, its exceptional natural beauties, cultural heritage, and unique distinctive style.

Seasoned luxury yacht charter travelers know that in all the Mediterranean, the southern coast of Turkey offers the most opportunities for gorgeous expanses of sun & sea, picturesque bays and adventure-filled diving destinations. Why do romantics who have done it all keep coming back to southern Turkey for more? Let’s take a closer look.

The experience of the Blue Voyage enables you to explore the beauty of nature while being immersed in ancient history and rejuvenating your spirit.  Every year thousands choose Kaş area for their holidays with the aim of freeing themselves of the exhausting and weighty work schedules and routines with a peaceful holiday full of remarkable memories. 

Beyond the experiences land has to offer around Kaş, to maximize your Mediterranean experience, to feel truly intimate with the sea, travellers wishing to complete the colour palette of their time spent in this region will rest their spirits anchored in its quiet bays.

It is possible to find alternative tours in the Kaş area of course.  The important thing is to select the tour and boat that fulfil your specific desires.  To hire a private boat will give you and your friends and family absolute privacy and freedom, a certain amount of control over the journey.

To see and experience the beauties of Kaş from the sea will add unimaginable colour to your memories.  You can also travel into the depths of history in a Greek island that has similar cultural backgrounds, but a different setting and language.

Your aim may be to cool off in the crystal clear waters in small bays to discover treasures of history, or to spend a romantic evening under the stars at night if not to just soak up the sun’s light.  Whatever your aim may be, your decision to take a Blue Voyage tour will be the most important decision of your trip.

Leave the noise of city and crowds behind and point your rudder towards our turquoise-blue Mediterranean waters.

What Is a Gulet Cruise?

A gulet is a traditional design two- or three-masted wooden sailing vessel common to Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean. The stylings are romantic, graceful and invite you to journey back in time to a gentler age of nautical indulgence. However these vessels also feature a host of modern amenities that optimize day cruises and multi-day charters for comfort, safety and privilege.

Gulet holidays in Turkey are an unforgettable blend of romance, adventure and opulence, a chance to truly vacation like royalty.

Luxury Gulet Day Cruises and Multi-Day Yacht Charters in Turkey

The warm, clear turquoise waters of Turkey offer an abundance of attractions, adventures and opportunities to simply relax without a care amid the sun & sea. Local highlights you can enjoy on a luxury gulet cruise in Turkey include:

  • Kas is one of Turkey’s most gorgeous fishing, diving and yachting towns. In the vicinity of Kas are more than 50 appealing dive locations, including several sunken wrecks to explore, a gorgeous undersea canyon and the famed underwater shark sculpture by renowned artist Kemal Tufan.
  • Kekova is a small island of unrivaled natural beauty. Unspoilt coves and bays are almost too numerous to count, perfect places for you to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the sea. Activities for the more adventurous include exploring ancient sunken ruins, fishing & diving, and kayak, paddleboard and underwater jet ski excursions.
  • Kalkan is another small, exquisite fishing town that hosts numerous historic sites, splendid beaches and attractive diving locations. A luxury gulet cruise to Kalkan offers you the opportunity to visit ancient locations and explore firsthand the cradle of history.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself on the deck of a boat.  Imagine that you are cruising with your privately hired crew and vessel on a Blue Voyage taking you through the pristine bays and small islands around Kaş, Kekova and Castellorizo (Greece).  We bet this image stirs excitement within: it doesn’t sound so bad, being with your friends and family far away from the suffocating bustle of city life!

What precisely does a Blue Voyage offer to you?

-Peaceful swims in serene bays
-Exploring history submerged underwater
-Pleasure of voyaging around sublime natural settings
-Sunbathing on deck, reading a book in the shade and chatting with friends and family
-A unique panoramic view of Kaş and its coastlines from the sea perspective
-Soaking up ancient history of Lycian ruins
-Experiencing Greek culture and architecture
-Joyful journey with a happy crew
-Unbeatable memories to return home with
-Many other unpredicted experiences and activities

The key to enjoying your luxury gulet cruise in Turkey is to choose the best day cruise and yacht charter operator. Boat Trip Turkey is ranked on Trip Advisor as the #1 Activity in Kas. Enjoy the tranquility of the azure seas, romance amid scenic bays and coves, underwater adventures and thrilling glimpses of ancient historical sites. Boat Trip Turkey is your gateway to the splendors that luxury boating has to offer.

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