Safety on board

Safety on board for our passengers is our biggest priority. We want our guests to enjoy their holiday, and everything that the Turkish Riviera has to offer, to its fullest, while feeling safe and secure at all times.

Our vessels are built, and our trips designed, with the safety of our passengers in mind. All our boats are fitted with a VHF radio, a GPS plotter, radar, as well as life rafts. In addition to these essentials, all our boats are equipped with life jackets and fire extinguishers. All our employees receive comprehensive safety training to ensure they are fully prepared to act if an emergency should arise.

Captain Ergun is responsible for the safety of all passengers and crew members; a responsibility that he takes extremely seriously. In order to ensure that guests can enjoy a carefree and relaxing holiday, the Captain requests that passengers refrain from smoking below deck, as this has the potential to cause a fire.