Saklikent National Park, located between Antalya and Mugla, is one of the country’s most visited national parks. It gets its name from the Saklikent Gorge, formed the Karacay Stream, a branch of the Esen River. The national park, wrapped around the surroundings of the canyon, is known for its natural beauty and sits on the border of two provinces while at the same time is one of the country’s most popular national parks.

Saklikent Gorge is steep and deep. It is 18 km long and 200 meters high. This soft, limestone landscape was formed with the help of cracks that formed along the fault line. The canyon’s most narrow point is just two meters wide. During spring and summer, the national park is flooded by and influx of visitors. It’s also one of the area’s most popular picnic areas.

Saklikent National Park

Saklikent National Park is located in the Mediterranean Region, within the borders of the Mugla and Antalya Provinces. Spread across the borders of Mugla’s Seydikemer County and Antalya’s Kas County, it’s found along one branch of the Esen River. Saklikent National Park and its surroundings are known for their dense forests. Its fame surpassing the borders of Turkey, the national park where this canyon sits is home to forests of Calabrian pine and cedar. The cedars, typical of the Mediterranean region, are spread around Mt. Dumanlidag.

The national park is located within the borders of the Seydikemer County of Mugla, which was formed after it was separated from Fethiye County. The park was placed under protection after being declared a national park in 1996. Three of both Kas’s and Seydikemer’s beaches are found inside Saklikent National Park’s 12.39 square kilometers.

The park’s biggest draw is the Saklikent Canyon. Displaying interesting geomorphic samples, the canyon was formed by the Karacay Stream, a branch of the Esen River, that runs from Mt. Akdag. The national park also consists of the highland settlements in the Taurus Mountains. The discovery of the canyon also makes for an interesting story. A local shepherd’s goat ran away towards the canyon. The canyon he explored while following his goat is now a world-famous raftingdestination.

Saklikent Gorge is a steep and deep canyon who’s soft, limestone landscape was formed with the help of the cracks that form along the fault line. This natural wonder is 18 km long and 200 meters high with its most narrow point measuring just two meters wide.

The flow rate of the Karacay Stream, a branch of the Esen River is 14-17 m3/sec at the mouth of the canyon. Although the water seems passable from outside, the violent undercurrent of the canyon makes passing through the water impossible.

To get inside the canyon, you use a 200 meter long wooden bridge attached to the steep cliffs with iron poles. You can walk a certain distance along the wooden platform that runs parallel to the water at the base of the cliff. After this walkway, you’ll be met with the freezing water of the strong karstic spring.

Between the months of April and November, the national park is used as a picnic area. One of the reasons why the park is so popular is the fact that it is perfect for extreme water sports. Saklikent, Fethiye, and their surroundings, with their rich natural springs, high mountains, green valleys, and long rivers, are some of the most ideal places for fun, adrenaline-filled outdoor sports like rafting, river kayaking, and canyoning.

While you raft down the rivers of the valleys inside the national park, you’ll also see the rich vegetation and ancient artifacts that have survived to our modern era. The five-kilometer-long rafting route takes about 30 minutes. You have to try rafting if you come to Saklikent.

The land comprising the national park is above 1000 meters. The Saklikent Ski Resort, located in the park on the peaks of the Taurus Mountains on Mt. Bakirlidag, is open for 3 months of the year. If you visit in winter, also stop by the ski resorts. There are buses running from the Antalya bus station regularly. You can go hiking inside the canyon where the water doesn’t interfere; many activities such as ecotourism, camping, fishing, and photography are also possible.

Entry Fees and Hours of the Saklikent National Park

Visitor Hours: 08:00-22:00. Open seven days a week. Because the water at the Saklikent National Park can rise quickly, keep in mind that entry may be limited.

Entry Fees: Adult 8TL, Student 4TL, Bicycle 8TL, Motorcycle 12TL, Car 24TL, Minibus 72TL, Midi-bus 120TL, Bus 216TL. Museum passes are not valid.

How to Get to Saklikent National Park

The closest airport to the Saklikent National Park is in Mugla’sDalaman County. Saklikent Gorge is 90 kilometers from the Dalaman Airport. Unfortunately, there is no public transportation running directly from the Dalaman Airport to the canyon. You can reach the canyon by renting a car, using a taxi, or arranging a private transfer.

If you’d like to use public transportation options, you’ll have to get to the Dalaman bus station and catch a bus to Seydikemer. You can then reach the canyon with one of the minibuses that run from there. Saklikent Canyon is located 45 km from Fethiye, 203 km from Antalya, 375 km from Izmir, 627 km from Ankara, and 795 km from Istanbul. Near the Kayadibi Village, 45 km from Fethiye, you can reach Saklikent with one of the minibuses that run there from the center of Fethiye.

If you want to drive yourself, continue from Patara towards Kinik to the west of Antalya, turn at the Saklikent junction and continue for another 16 kilometers. Located close to the ancient city of Xanthos, you can also reach Saklikent from the south by turning at the Yesilova – Kalkan junction and passing the village of Palamut.

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Home to the world-famous Saklikent Gorge, Saklikent National Park is full of unmatched natural beauty located with the borders of Mugla and Antalya. You must add it to your list of places to see around Fethiye. You can create an enjoyable route by adding Saklikent Gorge, Pinara, Patara, Xanthos, and Letoon.

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