Small Pebble is a very small beach located in the center of Kas. Since it’s within walking distance from the center of town, this beach is a great choice for visitors looking to enjoy the waters of Kas without going too far. Despite being located in the center of town, the crystal clear waters of Small Pebble have been awarded a Blue Flag. As its name suggests, this beach is small and seemingly hidden between two rocky cliffs.

You made it to Kas and settled into your hotel; maybe it was a long journey and you’re quite tired. In this situation, most of us would be trying to find somewhere to go that requires little to no travel time. However, most trips to Kas are filled with so much excitement that being tired won’t stop you from getting out and exploring. Small Pebble Beach is the cure to these back and forth thoughts about whether you should go out or stay in.

Small Pebble Beach

If you’re staying in the center of Kas, you can reach Small Pebble Beach with just a 5-10 minute walk. This easy access is just another reason to love Small Pebble. From the square, head up the famous ‘Uzun Carsi’ street; turn right after a short climb and soon you’ll see Small Pebble in front of you. (Burada saga donmek gerektigini soylemedi fakat uzun carsidan cikacak olursak gerekiyor o yuzden ekledim.)

The entrance is covered in vines and can be easy to miss. Walk through this greenery and down the short flight of stairs to reach Small Pebble. The entire beach is covered in small pebbles, which is where it gets its name. It’s 5-10 meters wide at the most. It resembles a miniature valley opening out towards the sea in a V shape. 5-10 meter high rock faces and some brush sit to the right and the left.

Because of the beach’s small size, it can get crowded during the day in the summer. Well, the word crowded is relative; there are never more than 20 people on the beach. If you come early in the morning, Small Pebble will feel like your own private beach.  This sheltered beach is usually calm and free of waves. Its water is a magical shade of turquoise. Many beaches in Kas feature turquoise water, but the color at Small Pebble is extra special.

There are no restaurants or facilities on Small Pebble Beach itself. Those looking to rent a sunbed or umbrella can do so at the private beaches nearby.

The pebbles on the beach are small and don’t hurt your feet that much, but you might want to bring a pair of water shoes anyway. Jumping off the beachside cliffs is good fun. Water shoes will make climbing up these cliffs more comfortable.

One thing we recommend you bring is a pair of goggles. Dive into the turquoise water of Small Pebble, explore underwater, gather colorful pebbles, and go on a little adventure in search of schools of fish.

Derya Beach

Derya Beach is one of the oldest businesses in Kas. It sits on top of the rocky cliffs overlooking Small Pebble Beach with a view of the beach, the harbor of Kas, and the endless Mediterranean Sea. Derya is run by a local family. They opened Derya Beach in 1986, the first business on Small Pebble Beach.

You can jump in the sea from Derya Beach’s own platform, or from the little beach right next door. Derya Beach features over 100 sunbeds on its wooden platform. Its menu is more extensive than most beachside restaurants in the region. You’ll find pizzas and hamburgers, cocktails, and snacks from around the world. Their most popular dish is their thin crust pizza. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a cocktail and listen to some live music as the sun sets.

You are given a number corresponding to your tab at the door and they keep track of everything you order using this number. If you spend at least 80 TL, your sunbed is free. Derya Beach is so popular that during high season you’ll have to make a reservation at least a day in advance.

Cinarlar Beach

Cinarlar Beach is another popular restaurant near Small Pebble. It’s located just to the left of Derya Beach. It overlooks the harbor, Castellorizo, and Small Pebble. It is quite spacious; you can sit under an umbrella or under trees.

While stretching out on a sunbed under the shade of trees is a treat in itself, they also offer snacks like hamburgers and pizzas and cold drinks. What sets Cinarlar apart from other nearby restaurants is the massage services they provide; there are massage therapists offering Swedish, Thai, and deep tissue massages. Finding an empty sunbed at Cinarlar is tough, make sure to make a reservation in advance. If you want a sunbed in the front, you’ll have to get there early. First come, first serve.

Nur Beach

Nur Beach is one of Small Pebble’s most chic spots. It sits on the rocks next to Cinarlar Beach, providing sunbeds on its rows of wooden platforms. This restaurant really caters to your sense of style with its small pools, swings, and beach canopies all located on these platforms.

Each sunbed is equipped with a wicking cover and clean towels. The restaurant is worthy of praise; here you’ll find fajitas, risotto, and noodles along with hamburgers and pizza. I recommend trying their hamburgers in particular. They make their patties out of tenderloin. You need to spend at least 120 TL for a seat here, but you’ll definitely feel like it was worth every cent.

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