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Kas Special Offers

Boat trip Turkey offers special deals for guests that opt for our boat trip and yacht charter services.

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We are a family business that has been serving in Kaş since 2005.

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We provide service with a professional team and well-maintained boats.

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Kas Special Offers

We will see our guests off with enviable memories after our full-day boat trip. You’ll always remember your experiences of the anniversary, birthday, wedding proposal, engagement, graduation party or any other special day you spend with us on the boat.
moonlight cruise Kas

Kas is a special place to visit. Beautiful scenery, historical buildings and unforgettably clear sea water.  It’s even more special by moonlight. Watching the moonlight while dining at a waterfront restaurant or sipping your drinks in a café is pleasant, but being on a boat looking at the whole bay is sublime. You can join our Kas moonlight cruise from Kas Marina. It will be a trip to remember. We organize our Kas moonlight cruise according to your preferences. Our boat sails from Kas Marina at the departure time you decide and it will last as long as you wish, provided it ends at midnight latest. You can enjoy a few glasses of spirits or soft drinks with your loved ones on board or pick a dinner boat trip to bring your night to perfection under moonlight pleasure in Kaş.

  • After setting the departure time according to your timetable, We sail off to Besmi Island lying just beside Megisti (Kastellorizo) Island or any other island you wish to visit.
  • We dive into the sea, illuminated by alluring beauty of moonlight and the underwater torches available on deck. Then, we sip our drinks viewing the breath-taking views of Kas and Kastellorizo Island.
  • Leaving Kastellorizo (Meis) Island behind, we set sail for Harbour Mouth Bay, where we can gaze at Kas under  full moon from a different perspective this time.
  • In the silence of the night, you can watch the stars and the moon, swinging your feet down from the deck.
  • If you pick the dinner full moon trip, you can add to the  pleasure of the full moon views, with our exquisite meals exclusively cooked for you.
  • Another distinctive aspect of Kas moonlight cruise is arrival time is only up to you. We sail back to Kas Marina at any time you like.

If you are looking for something different to eating in a restaurant or want to celebrate a special occasion then dinner under the stars on one of our Kas dinner boat trip could be the perfect answer. It’s unusual, romantic and fun.

At a time to suit you we sail from Kas Marina and whilst we prepare a sumptuous meal for you and your party you are welcome to swim use our goggles, flippers and torches to see the different night time sea life. We offer a wide menu selection. Most popular is fresh local fish and our traditional regional dishes.

  • We sail from Kaş at your desired time and head off to Besmi Island, located very close to Kastellorizo (Megisti-Meis) Island, or another island  of your choice if you prefer.
  • If you wish you can swim in the cool waters of the island, using the underwater torches available on our boat; or just gaze at the stars in the clear sky, enjoying  your drinks on the deck, and have spirited conversations with your friends.
  • Leaving Megisti Island behind, now we will head to Harbour Mouth Bay, where we can view Kas from a different perspective and have dinner.
  • You will have your delightful dinner along with slow music underneath the stars, and afterwards we return to Kas.

Our dinner boat trip will set you free from the bothering crowded restaurants and be exclusive for you. Moreover, dinner boat trip prices will be no more expensive than seafront dinner bills at restaurants in Kas or Kalkan,yet so different!

We warmly invite you to our boat trips with dinner service so that you will have unforgettable moments with your lover or your friends.

Kas Sunset Trip

If you come to visit Kas you must view the sunset from the shore and from the sea. Our yacht is docked at Kas Marina and normally our guests like to have dinner on board too. Guests can swim and if they wish borrow goggles and flippers before sipping drinks on board the boat while admiring the view.

We organize our Kas sunset boat trips (or Kas Kekova boat tours) according to your preferences. Therefore, you can opt for your Kas yacht trip including dinner or not.

  • We depart from Kas marina at 7 PM. We begin cruising towards the peninsula adjacent to Kas marina and the Kastellorizo (Megisti) Island.
  • After a short sailing for fun, we can stop at a nearest cove as you wish where you can swim by using the equipment like goggles and flippers to be supplied from our boat or savour the most blissful moments of the day sipping your drinks on the deck.
  • The moment the sun starts to set, we leave the cove and head to the favourable spot for offering the most impressive and matchless view of sunset to you. Depending on the favourability of weather and wind, we can set sails if you desire.
  • Following the sunset, we return to Kas marina if you have picked our Kas sunset boat trip without dinner whereas we anchor at the calm waters of a cove nearby to enjoy the dinner if you have chosen our dinner boat trip option.

After relishing our romantic and relaxing dinner, we navigate back to Kas marina.