Special Offers

Boat trip Turkey  offers special deals for guests that  opt for our boat trip and yacht charter services. Our first offer exclusive for those dreaming of making the most unforgettable and memorable proposals to their beloved one is “Proposal on Boat” package. You can propose to your partner during sunset, in the daytime on a boat trip, or in the evening on a romantic dinner boat trip.

Another special offer for just-married couples is “Honeymoon on Boat” package, where they can be relieved of the fatigue of wedding procedures and have a totally intimate, romantic holiday. Our boat will be rented exclusively to one couple each time and our discreet crew will provide all necessary services during their honeymoon yacht charter. Every detail will be considered to make their honeymoon perfect and peaceful, anchoring at calm bays on various routes they can pick.

There is another special package for our guests who would like to celebrate important occasions like wedding anniversary days with their close friends/family members or with their spouse alone;“Anniversary Boat Trips”. Celebrating their anniversary events on our boat, they will be able to have an enjoyable vacation and make their special and precious day memorable.

Another special deal we can offer you is “Birthday Party on Boat”. You have two alternative options for celebrating this occasion on our boat rented exclusively for you along with your spouse, friends, and family members;daytime party package on a daily boat excursion or evening party package including a romantic dinner. Each option of birthday party on boat will help you make the most of this special occasion celebrated annually and you’ll have unforgettable memories from your boat trip.