Time to Set Sail!

Close your eyes and imagine yourself on the deck of a boat.  Imagine that you are cruising with your privately hired crew and vessel on a Blue Voyage taking you through the pristine bays and small islands around Kaş, Kekova and Castellorizo (Greece).  We bet this image stirs excitement within: it doesn’t sound so bad, being with your friends and family far away from the suffocating bustle of city life!

What precisely does a Blue Voyage offer to you?

-Peaceful swims in serene bays
-Exploring history submerged underwater
-Pleasure of voyaging around sublime natural settings
-Sunbathing on deck, reading a book in the shade and chatting with friends and family
-A unique panoramic view of Kaş and its coastlines from the sea perspective
-Soaking up ancient history of Lycian ruins
-Experiencing Greek culture and architecture
-Joyful journey with a happy crew
-Unbeatable memories to return home with
-Many other unpredicted experiences and activities

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