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Mediterranean yacht charter vacations are always by far and away the most popular summer location. If you are thinking about a Mediterranean superyacht charter and have never explored the Med, we will not need to convince you that the Mediterranean is a cruising destination you want to charter this summer.

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Kaş Tekne Turları

Thinking About a Crewed Mediterranean Yacht Charter?

The Mediterranean Region is one of the most popular yacht charter routes chosen by domestic and foreign tourists visiting Turkey, for its fascinating waters, impressive bays, and favourable climate. The most notable yacht charter routes in Turkey include the destinations like Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek, Kas, Kalkan, and Kekova, as the common choices of holiday-makers. Each attraction has own diverse natural beauties, rich cultural heritage, exceptionally attractive bays, and unique textures.

Blue Voyage is a must for visitors to Kaş. Boats departing from Kaş harbour visit the many small bays in the area, where you can swim saturated in history. You will feel like you have found paradise as you discover the merging of nature and history around beautiful Kaş and surrounding Turkish and Greek islands.

Blue Voyages offer a rare opportunity to spend time in quiet bays far from the stress of city life, a chance to relax and reflect while inhaling pure nature and rich history together. We guarantee that which ever tour you pick you will be satisfied. The important factors when choosing a tour are the activities you prefer. If, for example, you like swimming and snorkelling, choose one of the Blue Voyage tours; if you want to spend a special evening with your wife or girlfriend, elect the special evening tour.

You are not obliged to stick to any particular route as the crewed yacht rentals are planned exclusively for you. We define our routes of sailboat charters along with you and specify our itinerary in collaboration with you. You can learn about our yacht charter prices on our website or by contacting us in person. As a rule, our boat is booked to specific parties only, that is you will not sail with people outside of your own group.

Firstly, please note that the itineraries of our private Kas boat trips are planned according to weather conditions, density of bays, and demands of our guests. Instead of anchoring at the same bays with other boats, we prefer different bays to give our guests a sense of comfort and freedom. Anytime during our boat trip, you can enjoy our watersports activities.

During your boat charters within the Kas-Kalkan-Kekova region, which offers quite a different course to other routes used on boat charters, you can take a rest, enjoy the days on board full of activities if you wish, and have the opportunity to view historical remains and stunning scenery. The capital city of the Lycian Civilization was located within this region and furthermore, the region has a deep historical background as it hosted the Lycians for centuries. The archaeological remains in the region are still visible today.

The yacht charters will leave at 9.30 am and return at 6 pm the next day, although departure and arrival times can be flexible to meet your needs. You can build a term charter of any length by adding a 24-hour day (from 5 p.m. until 5 p.m. the next day) on to our overnight trip. We can sail to Antalya, Kas, Kekova, Fethiye, Gocek, Marmaris and any other destinations around Mediterranean.

Our Meis island tour takes you to the Greek island just off the coast of Kaş. If you select this tour you can immerse yourself for a day in Greek culture.

Airport transfer, land tours, alcohol and non-alcohol beverages, customs fees and taxes (associated with the Greek isle tours) are not included. All meals are included.

If you are looking for a Gulet charter in the Kalkan to Kekova route but want to sail shorter distances and enjoy some of the exquisite bays during your yacht charter, this route is for you. Boat charter for Kas-Kalkan-Kekova can be for a week or less. There are a range of different route options. 

Our Kas-Kalkan and Kekova yacht charter programs include highlights worth visiting such as Harbour Mouth, Guvercin Island, Twelve Isles, Little Creek, Inonu Bay, Aperlai, Yaglica Bay, Tersane Bay, Akvaryum Bay, Ucagiz, Kalekoy, and most particularly: Karalos Bay.

The Mediterranean coastline between Kas and Antalya is more untouched and secluded than our other charter routes. The exquisite villages of Kekova, Olympos, Adrasan, Kemer, and Finike are among the destinations on this route.

Many boat charters are set up around the Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye regions and yet Kas has the clearest waters and most interesting coastline with rich sea life.

The Kas-Fethiye-Gocek yacht charter route is the most popular yacht charter route and for good reason. There is something for everyone.

The bays on this route can be more crowded than the Kas-Kekova yacht charter route. It just depends on the time of year. Our route includes destinations such as Kalkan, Oludeniz, Gemiler Island, Fethiye, and Gocek.

The Kas-Megisti-Kekova route is one of the most popular routes for yacht charters. During this yacht charter you have the opportunity to swim and explore underwater treasures in the fascinating bays of Kas and cruise the bays of the historically rich Kekova region. You can also visit the lovely Greek island of Kastellorizo which is just a few kilometres off the coast of Turkey. (Kastellorizio is also known as Megisti – Meis).

Bodrum Gökova Rotası bulunduğu konum itibariyle mavi tur severlerin en çok uğradıkları rotalardan biridir. Bodrum Gökova Rotası aldığı rüzgarlar nedeniyle gulet tekne kiralamak isteyenlerin yanında yelkenli tekne kiralamak isteyen misafirlere de olanaklar sunmaktadır.

Yelkenli tekne kiralamak isteyen misafirlerimiz sizlere özel olan kiralık yelkenli teknemizle dilerseniz kendiniz dilerseniz kaptanlı mavi tur yapabilirsiniz.

Bodrum Hisarönü rotası doğal güzellikteki eşsiz koylarından dolayı mavi tur severlerin en çok tercih ettikleri rotalardan biridir. Bodrum tekne turuna katılmak isteyen misafirlerimiz turlarına Kaş limanından başlayabilecekleri gibi Bodrum limanından hareketle de başlayabilirler.

Kaş gulet kiralamak için daha çok seçeneğe sahip olduğu için misafirlerimiz bir hafta veya daha uzun süreli turlarına Kaş limanından da başlayabilir; hem Kaş bölgesindeki koyları hem de Hisarönü bölgesindeki koyları görme şansı elde eder.

Likya turu yapmak isteyen misafirlerimiz hem tarihi kalıntılar görebilecekler hem denizin tadını doyasıya çıkarabilecekler, hem de Likya yolunda kısa yürüyüş yapma şansını elde edeceklerdir. Özel olarak kiralayacağınız teknemizde size özel Likya turu fırsatımızı öğrenmek için bizimle irtibata geçebilirsiniz.

Important information:
The most popular charter yachts are sold out several months before the start of the season, especially in July and August. We strongly recommend planning your holiday well in advance. To book a charter, just make a deposit of 50% of the charter after signing the charter agreement. The remaining amount must be paid 5 weeks before the start of the trip.

Boating Life

To watch sunrises and sunsets off shore, to start the brand new day breathing the smell of freah, clean air and tangy sea water or navigating along the deep blue sea free from rush of big city life. Boating life is a pleasure like no other. The sound of the waves, smell of sea water, delicious food, courteous service, calm and peaceful holidays. Our boat trips offer a range of options to our boating guests, addressing the tastes of all age groups.

Our gracious team of staff welcomes our boating guests as soon as they step on our boat and as far as possible, our staff will be at our guests’ disposal for anything they need during their boating holidays.

Our guests can sunbathe on the deck, read their favorite books, or jump into the cool waters of the Mediterranean when we anchor into the matchless bays of Kas Kekova region. Be comfortable, our boat is your boat!

During our tours you will participate in outdoor activities such as swimming, sun tanning, and snorkelling. You should bring sun protection, two different swimming costumes, enough towels, sneakers for land walks, sun glasses, hats, etc. And in preparation for cool evenings, bring a long-sleeved shirt or jacket and trousers.

Many may wonder about what to do on boat to have pleasant time or whether they may be bored, but there are countless activities to do on a yacht charter. Joining in pleasant talks with travelmates and playing board games, backgammon, rummikub, scrabble and uno are just a few examples.

Moreover, all our guests can swim using the goggles, flippers, and snorkels available on our boat, catch the different species of fish endemic to Kas region with our fishing sets for free, explore among the beauties of the sea driving our sea jet, practice sports using our equipments like paddle board and kayak. Our guests will have a more cheerful holiday as they benefit from all these free-of-charge pieces of equipment on board.

There are also paid-activities also available for the watersports fans among our guests. On our Kas Kekova trip, our guests will stay overnight in different bays and our boat will set sail during the day depending on the wind conditions.

The Kas Kekova region is a paradise for boat trips as well as being able to boast about its rich historical heritage. If requested in the course of our yacht charter, our guests can go ashore to visit the Lycian ruins in the vicinity of Kas Kekova region and take a walk among the historical sites guided by our captain.

On holidays, many are concerned with questions about food. Particularly, our guests on yacht charter will probably wonder about the meals to be served on the boat where they will spend their whole holiday. Since our boat will be privately rented to you, you will be asked to fill out the information form in advance to note your food preferences and mention any food allergies or special dietary requirements. Thereby, our chef will be able to cook delicious meals including all-fresh vegetables and fruits for you.

Our kitchen is versatile: all sorts of meals can be prepared on board, whatever you fancy. If left to our decision, we will choose to cook easy-to-digest meals during the summer months for your health. Mainly olive oil-based Mezes, pastas, grilled meat, chicken and fish, especially locally caught fresh fish varieties. Salads and yogurt accompany almost every meal. If you let us know in advance of your preferences, we will do our best to come up with a special menu for you.

You won’t believe your eyes as the day fades away so quickly both in serenity and adventure, and you’ll fall asleep in ultimate peace below the stars,lulled by the gentle swaying of the boat like a baby in a cradle. You will feel the pleasure of boating life to your heart’s content.

We have the equipment necessary for you to charge any of your electronic devises. To maintain hygiene standards, we do not generally allow pets onboard. Please talk to us before the tour for rare exceptions. On deck you can smoke, but in the cabins-No; linen in cabins can easily catch fire; any damages caused by fire or cigarette burns will be the responsibility of the smoking guest.

What precisely does a Blue Voyage offer to you?

The experience of the Blue Voyage enables you to explore the beauty of nature while being immersed in ancient history and rejuvenating your spirit.  Every year thousands choose Kaş area for their holidays with the aim of freeing themselves of the exhausting and weighty work schedules and routines with a peaceful holiday full of remarkable memories.  Beyond the experiences land has to offer around Kaş, to maximize your Mediterranean experience, to feel truly intimate with the sea, travellers wishing to complete the colour palette of their time spent in this region will rest their spirits anchored in its quiet bays.

It is possible to find alternative tours in the Kaş area of course.  The important thing is to select the tour and boat that fulfil your specific desires.  To hire a private boat will give you and your friends and family absolute privacy and freedom, a certain amount of control over the journey. To see and experience the beauties of Kaş from the sea will add unimaginable colour to your memories.  You can also travel into the depths of history in a Greek island that has similar cultural backgrounds, but a different setting and language.

Your aim may be to cool off in the crystal clear waters in small bays to discover treasures of history, or to spend a romantic evening under the stars at night if not to just soak up the sun’s light.  Whatever your aim may be, your decision to take a Blue Voyage tour will be the most important decision of your trip.

Leave the noise of city and crowds behind and point your rudder towards our turquoise-blue Mediterranean waters.

-Peaceful swims in serene bays
-Exploring history submerged underwater
-Pleasure of voyaging around sublime natural settings
-Sunbathing on deck, reading a book in the shade and chatting with friends and family
-A unique panoramic view of Kaş and its coastlines from the sea perspective
-Soaking up ancient history of Lycian ruins
-Experiencing Greek culture and architecture
-Joyful journey with a happy crew
-Unbeatable memories to return home with
-Many other unpredicted experiences and activities