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Kas Meis Kekova Yacht Charter

The Kas-Megisti-Kekova route is one of the most popular routes for yacht charters. During this yacht charter you have the opportunity to swim and explore underwater treasures in the fascinating bays of Kas and cruise the bays of the historically rich  Kekova region. You can also visit the lovely Greek island of Kastellorizo which is just a few kilometres off the coast of Turkey. (Kastellorizio  is also known as Megisti – Meis).

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Private Yacht Charter

Kas Meis Kekova Yacht Charter 3N/4D

You can travel to Kastellorizo Island by ferry from Kas Harbour or by renting a boat. Chartering a boat means you are not tied to scheduled departure times and can change and add in other elements to your trip. This is a special cruising area and we’d love to share the area with you.

Your Kas Megisti yacht charter starts at Kas Marina and we visit Twelve Isles, Inonu Bay, Aperlai, Yaglica Bay the sunken city at Kalekoy, Gokkaya Bay, Tersane Bay and Megisti Island. It’s your holiday and we can make detours to include other places you wish to visit too. Our boat also provides accommodation. One of the most special part of chartering in this area is that you can visit the famous Blue Cave using our speedboat.Our yacht charters can be for one week or less. The itinerary shared with you consists of general information and it differs according to the length of your Kas-Megisti-Kekova yacht charter.  You will not be tied to any particular schedule as your Kas yacht rental is private.

Our yacht sails off the marina at  a departure time specified by you and our  voyage of adventure  tracks your chosen route.

Day 1: The first stop of our Kas Megisti yacht charter is Inonu Bay, known for its  cool water in the Mediterranean.  Then we sail for Aperlai Bay where a ruined castle and the walls of an ancient Lycian city lie at rest under the waters. Here you will be served a tasty lunch overlooked by archeological ruins lining the shore and replete with a pond filled with buffaloes.  After lunch we head off for  Gokkaya Bay where we anchor for the night. You can swim or if you like paddle board, and kayak free-of-charge. This is all included  in your Kas boat rental. You are welcome to  climb into  our  speedboat to visit Korsan Cave after which we  return to lay the table for a delightful dinner.  Upon request, we can  take you to  Smugglers Inn Korsan Bar at Gokkaya Bay only accessible only by privately rented boats such as ours.

Day 2: After falling asleep sleep under the stars you may wake for breakfast to a lovely sunrise. Following a hearty breakfast, we set sail for Kekova Island, rich with archaeological remains . You can bone up on local history as we explore the sunken city near there and then take a swimming break in Tersane Bay. Later on, we alter our course to Kalekoy, once a notable settlement in Roman times. Following our promenade to the castle and the lovely village, we have lunch on our boat. We sail to Karalos, renown for its turquoise coloured waters and interesting  historical heritage. The  turquoise colors keep their deep blue even after sunset and this is where  we sleep that night – in  this especially  charming bay.

Day 3: After our breakfast at this bay heavily scented with the  sweet fragrance of  jasmin we sail for Yaglica Bay. Nested in nature’s beauty you can swim in this lovely bay or  entertain yourself with various activities available on our boat. After spending some pleasant hours there, we head to Kas Marina so that we can carry out your passport procedures for your Megisti Island visit.  We then set sail to the island which is visited by thousands of visitors each year.? who either take the local ferry or hire a boat. a service available in Kas Marina. After a 20-minute trip on board and only 1 nautical knot  from Kas, Kastellorizo Island is a welcoming sight . The azure waters of Mediterranean sparkle in the sun and brightly coloured  Lego brick houses will charm  the moment we draw up between the local fishing boasts.  In the town  you will find a fortress, several churches, a museum, a small hospital, some bank branches, and a duty free-shop.  If you wish, we can accompany you to act as guides to point out the  island’s attractions. Later we take you on our speedboat to visit the second largest cave in Europe:-The Blue Grotto- and  if we’re lucky watch  Mediterranean Seals frolicking on the shore. We then have dinner and anchor in a calm bay facing the bright lights of Meis Island.

Day 4: We wake up to a panoramic view of the island, begin a new day with breakfast on board and look forward to spending time in the delightful  bays of Megisti. Our Kas Megisti yacht charter ends as we slowly sail back to Kas Marina on  gentle Mediterranean waves.







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