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Lycia Tour Yacht Charter

We have nicknamed our Lycia Tour as our ‘surf and turf ‘ tour because it is all about cruising and walking the Lycian Way and en route seeing all the attractions.  The Lycian State was a federation established as the first democratic union known in history. The Lycian people managed to create a common culture and sustain it as they formed  the nation as a league of various city states.

Today, we can still view the traces of their rich historical heritage across many parts of the Mediterranean region of Turkey. In particular you can take a close look at various ruins in the Kekova region such as the sunken city, ancient tombs, city walls and a Crusader Citadel during your Lycian yacht charter.

Do you want to know where the Lycian Way is? To find out the answer rent our yacht for the Lycia Tour.

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Private Yacht Charter

Lycia Tour Yacht Charter 4N/5D

Our Lycia tour can be taken  for one week or less. The itinerary shared with you consists of general information and it differs according to the length of your Kas Lycia tour.

Another point is that you are not obliged ed to stick to any particular schedule as your crewed yacht rental is private. Our yacht sails from the marina at the departure time convenient for you and our exciting voyage starts tracking our route.

Day 1: Firstly, we stop at Inonu Bay for a swimming break in the cool and refreshing water of the Mediterranean. After jolly hours there, we sail to Aperlai Bay where we’ll have our pleasant lunch facing the impressive ancient ruins there. Afterwards, we head to Gokkaya Bay to stay there overnight. In this bay, you can swim or do watersports like paddle board, kayak. While our chef prepares your dinner, you will ride our speedboat with our captain and he will guide you to the ancient castle situated at the mouth of the bay. After having your tasty dinner, now it’s party time! Korsan Bar at Gokkaya Bay is accessible only by boat and we take our willing guests there with our speed boat!

Day 2: Following a night’s deep and restful sleep underneath the stars, we welcome the brand new day with the brilliant sun on top of us. After having our excellent breakfast, we set sail for Kekova Island, surrounded by archaeological remains all around. We stroll around Kekova learning historical facts about the sunken city and then we head to Tersane Bay to take a swimming break. We land on the beach at the bay and visit the Lycian ruins there. Later, we alter our course for Kalekoy, a prominent settlement during Roman age. Following our promenade in the castle and the lovely village, we have our lunch on deck. We get lost among the historical texture and then sail to Karalos, renowned for its waters that retain the turquoise color even after dusk. We stay overnight at this heavenly bay.

Day 3: After our breakfast, you can swim in the waters of the bay nested in the wild nature and entertain yourself by doing various activities available on our boat. After happy hours there, we sail to Ucagiz Bay where you can visit the adorable village situated on the shore and take a look at the ancient ruins of Lycian including sarcophagi. After lunch, we keep on sailing and finally anchor at the Kocakari Bay where we’ll stay the night. While our chef cooks the day’s dinner for you, our captain will take you to Lycian Way tour for a  walk. This part is the highlight of walking & cruising the Lycian Way. Once served as the capital of Lycian state for a while, Teimiussa has an important role in the historical timeline. After a blissful cultural sightseeing trip, we eat dinner at this bay.

Day 4: You’ll salute  the sun rising over  the horizon at Kocakari Bay, probably the best  dawn scenery you’ve ever seen. After an energizing breakfast at the tranquil waters of the bay, we set off to our first stop, Akvaryum Bay. After a swimming break there, we head to Yaglica Bay, with calm waters quite favourable for watersports. After our lunch, we sail to Twelve Isles, one of the most pleasant attractions of our Lycian tour, and anchor at the Kovan Isle among them. The visit to ancient sunken shipwreck and canyon in the island will be amazing experience for your whole Kas Lycian trip and after that we set sail for Harbour Mouth Bay where we’ll stay overnight.

Day 5: After breakfast, you can visit the Lycian Royal Tombs at Harbour Mouth and have a nice time on the beach. We also see the sunken fighter and head to Guvercin Island, a very calm stop for lunch. Our Lycian yacht charter ends as we sail back to Kas Marina; with unforgettable memories, thrilling moments, and impressive visits to rich historical attractions behind us.







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