The Blue Voyage

The experience of the Blue Voyage enables you to explore the beauty of nature while being immersed in ancient history and rejuvenating your spirit.  Every year thousands choose Kaş area for their holidays with the aim of freeing themselves of the exhausting and weighty work schedules and routines with a peaceful holiday full of remarkable memories.  Beyond the experiences land has to offer around Kaş, to maximize your Mediterranean experience, to feel truly intimate with the sea, travellers wishing to complete the colour palette of their time spent in this region will rest their spirits anchored in its quiet bays.

It is possible to find alternative tours in the Kaş area of course.  The important thing is to select the tour and boat that fulfil your specific desires.  To hire a private boat will give you and your friends and family absolute privacy and freedom, a certain amount of control over the journey. To see and experience the beauties of Kaş from the sea will add unimaginable colour to your memories.  You can also travel into the depths of history in a Greek island that has similar cultural backgrounds, but a different setting and language.

Your aim may be to cool off in the crystal clear waters in small bays to discover treasures of history, or to spend a romantic evening under the stars at night if not to just soak up the sun’s light.  Whatever your aim may be, your decision to take a Blue Voyage tour will be the most important decision of your trip.

Leave the noise of city and crowds behind and point your rudder towards our turquoise-blue Mediterranean waters.

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