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Meis Island Boat Tour

Kastellorizo island is also known as Megisti or Meis island. According to historical references, it was called Kizilhisar in Turkish and   Megisti during the Ottoman age. Meaning “eye” in Greek, Meis island is situated directly across from Kas.

The only settlement on the island is Kastellorizo and it was named after the crimson rocks on the island by the Knights of St. John (Knights Hospitaller). The name has been slightly altered over the years and now means crimson castle. The island has about 400 inhabitants and there is a church, museum and fortress worth exploring.  Most popular is the Blue Cave which is the second largest cave in Europe.

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Kas Meis Boat Tour

Kastellorizo-Meis Island Boat Trip

It’s one of the most spectacular Greek islands for its friendly people, fresh food, and Italian-style old houses. Moreover there are daily ferries and flights from Rhodes. If you wish to travel from Kas you can take the daily ferry to Meis or if you want to set your own itinerary you can rent your own private yacht. A crewed yacht rental enables you to see the Blue Cave as part of the package and also means you don’t need to queue at the customs office. Please check your visa requirements before leaving.

Please note to visit the island, Turkish citizens are required to have a Schengen visa. If you are Turkish and have a Green passport you are not required to have a visa.  Following the passport procedures, our Kas Meis boat sails off to the island, which is one of the closest Greek islands to Turkey, at 10:00 in the morning.

After a 20-minute voyage, only 1 nautical knot from Kas, Meis Island welcomes us with open arms along with its fascinating beauty.
 While the suns rays dance upon the deep blue waves, you will catch a glimpse of the adorably colorful toy brick houses of the island through the still masts of the boats anchored on the shore.

A fortress, several churches, a museum, a small hospital, a few banks, and a duty free-shop – available for you to do duty-free shopping, can be found in the island. If you wish, we can accompany and guide you during your visit to the island’s attractions.

Afterwards, we will sail to the second largest cave in Europe: The Blue Grotto of the island. We will view the cave and it’s special occupants; the Mediterranean seals, with our speedboat which accompanies  our Meis boat.

Our pleasant Kastellorizo boat trip finishes at 16:00 and then we sail back to Kaş.







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