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Celebration and Event Yacht Charters

It’s lovely to mark special occasions and share them with close friends and family. Over the years many people have celebrated using our boat as a platform for holding the most special celebrations. You can celebrate your birthday, propose marriage, make it a special anniversary… the list is endless.

For each celebration we can make special arrangements for a celebratory cake, champagne and decorations.

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We are a family business that has been serving in Kaş since 2005.

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We provide service with a professional team and well-maintained boats.


Birthday & Celebrations Boat Party

Kas Special Offers & Celebration

We will see our guests off with enviable memories after our full-day boat trip. You’ll always remember your experiences of the anniversary, birthday, wedding proposal, engagement, graduation party or any other special day you spend with us on the boat.

First of all, please note that the itineraries of our private boat trips are planned according to weather conditions, density of bays, and demands of our guests. Instead of anchoring at the same bays with other boats, we prefer different bays to give our guests a sense of comfort and freedom. Another point is that you are not subjected to stick to any particular schedule as you rent our boat for a private trip. Anytime during  your special celebration on our boat you can enjoy our watersports activities.

Our first offer exclusive for those dreaming of making the most unforgettable and memorable proposals to their beloved one is “Proposal on Boat” package. You can propose to your partner during sunset, in the daytime on a boat trip, or in the evening on a romantic dinner boat trip.

Another special offer for just-married couples is ‘Honeymoon on Boat’ package, where they can be relieved of the fatigue of wedding procedures and have a totally intimate, romantic holiday. Our boat will be rented exclusively to one couple each time and our discreet crew will provide all necessary services during their honeymoon yacht charter. Every detail will be considered to make their honeymoon perfect and peaceful, anchoring at calm bays on various routes they can pick.

There is another special package for our guests who would like to celebrate important occasions like wedding anniversary days with their close friends/family members or with their spouse alone;“Anniversary Boat Trips”. Celebrating their anniversary events on our boat, they will be able to have an enjoyable vacation and make their special and precious day memorable.

Another special deal we can offer you is “Birthday Party on Boat”. You have two alternative options for celebrating this occasion on our boat rented exclusively for you along with your spouse, friends, and family members;daytime party package on a daily boat excursion or evening party package including a romantic dinner. Each option of birthday party on boat will help you make the most of this special occasion celebrated annually and you’ll have unforgettable memories from your boat trip.


We sail from Kas Marina at the departure time in the morning, specified by you ,our guest.Our first stop is Twelve Isles for about one-hour stay, one of the most desirable attractions on our route. You can view the Dimitri shipwreck, the fascinating underwater canyon, colorful endemic fish, and impressive beauties of underwater world with  the goggles and flippers supplied on deck.
Later on, we anchor at Yarilgan Bay, limited to access of one boat at any one time. We have joyful 30 minutes there and then sail for the next bay.
As you enjoy the sea and explore the secret underwater life, your all-organic lunch composed of tasty olive oil dishes and grills is cooked.
We head to Guvercin Island, a calm stop for having our lunch. Besides it’s a excellent bay for lunchtime, the shark statue underwater near the island is spectacular.
After the pleasant dinner, it’s time for the celebrations! We will pass to Harbour Mouth Bay to feast on our chef’s fresh fruit selection. We will return to Kas Marina by 18:00.
We will see our guests off with enviable memories after our full-day boat trip. You’ll always remember your experiences of the anniversary ,birthday ,wedding proposal,engagement,graduation party or any other special day you spend with us on the boat.

Child or adult,there are occasions that all of us remember and celebrate once every year. One of the most important of such occasions are birthdays. Sometimes we want to celebrate birthdays with our close friends and family while sometimes we need only our partner beside us. However, we don’t miss even the smallest detail to make the birthday party special and unforgettable. You can opt for a birthday party on boat to celebrate this special day with your friends or alone with your beloved. Make your special occasion even more special!

We will make special arrangements  for your exclusive boat trip which we organize in cooperation with you. According to your requests, we can organize a musical performance and invite a musician for you. We can decorate our boat with the decorations  provided  earlier by you or prepare a romantic dinner customized for your taste. You can plan a birthday event on boat and surprise the birthday boy/girl!

You can celebrate your special occasion with your spouse, family, or friends as you wish; by drinking champagne along with them or boarding on our boat by sunset and having a romantic dinner together with your beloved one or pick your birthday- on-the- boat  party during daytime. In any case, it will be the most meaningful and unforgettable birthday you’ve ever celebrated. If you choose for a daytime boat trip; along with your guests, you can enliven your day further with numerous activities supplied on our boat and celebrate your birthday on boat in a quite extraordinary fashion.

Your wedding organization was flawless, your new home and furniture are ready and waiting for you; but what about your honeymoon? The stressful organisation process is over and now it’s time for vacation. But, you can’t yet decide where and how to spend your honeymoon, your special vacation to take once in a lifetime. Then, why don’t you make a honeymoon crewed boat rental exclusive for you in Kas district of Antalya province in Turkey? We would be honoured to welcome you on to our honeymoon boat charters for this most special of vacations.

On our boat rented privately for your honeymoon in Kas, our friendly but discreet crew will be at your disposal. We offer you the opportunity to navigate along the exceptionally impressive bays of Kas, swim in the turquoise waters, and sleep deep underneath the stars.

After taking your breakfast and then your light lunch, you can feast  on your delightfully romantic dinner.

Moreover,you are not obliged to stick to any particular schedule as your honeymoon crewed yacht rental is private, we prefer sailing to calm bays to give our guests a sense of maximum comfort and freedom on their honeymoon holidays.

How you spend your honeymoon on the boat is totally up to you: You can sunbathe on deck all day, explore the underwater treasures by using the equipments like goggles and flippers available on boat, practise watersports by driving sea scooter, paddle board, and sea kayak, or do activities to make the most of your time.

Our guests who rent a boat for their honeymoon can pick up a departure from Kas Marina at any time suitable for them, choose the route they like and sail back to Kas anytime they wish.

Your honeymoon at Kas will be unforgettable for you and the days you spend on board will be your lifetime memories full of bliss and excitement.A perfect start to your life together.

One of the most notable and meaningful days in our life is our wedding day, the first step into the shared  life with our beloved one. While we sometimes prefer to celebrate this special occasion alone with our spouse, sometimes want to share these moments of joy with our close friends and family members.

If you want to make your wedding anniversary more memorable and precious and let your loved one enjoy an unforgettable surprise wedding anniversary on sailboat, we kindly invite you to our yacht to celebrate your wedding anniversary in Kas.This is surely a wonderful way to celebrate the anniversary of your years together and your enduring love for each other.

It’s up to you how you will celebrate your anniversary on our yacht.Surprise your spouse with a wedding anniversary on boat, making the most of sea and sun on a brilliant sunny day or make your anniversary more exciting with a romantic dinner boat trip. Celebrating your next wedding anniversary event on yacht, you will not only make your most meaningful day  exceptionally special, but also enjoy a wonderful holiday with your partner too.

You are not obliged to stick to any particular schedule as your crewed yacht rental is private. When the weather is favourable, our boat will set sails and navigate into the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, in the depth of silence and peace.

Every woman hopes  to receive a marriage proposal to be forever remembered as an amazing moment-they are never content with an ordinary proposal! It is now that we can come into play and suggest to you original and unusual proposal ideas.

If you’re looking for an extraordinary, unforgettable, and impressive proposal location, the answer is a marriage proposal on our boat in Kas. We make particular arrangements on our boat serving in the Kas region, exclusively for you and your partner and then provide assistance for you so that your proposal on our yacht will remain throughout your life as exciting and fresh as the moment it happened. If you like, we can also suggest creative proposal tips to you-we understand you’ll be pretty nervous about this!

You can choose from two options for your proposal boat trip: with or without dinner service. You will experience a breath-taking proposal during a romantic dinner on board or during a pleasant yacht trip during the daytime along the wonderful bays of Kas and their turquoise waters.

You can choose to make your proposal on motor yacht or sailboat as well as enjoying these moments along with your friends or solely with your future wife.In this stunningly beautiful,naturally romantic location how could she possibly say no to you?