With its beautiful bays and bright blue sea, Kas is an unmatched vacation spot, and is popular among sea and yacht lovers. The Kas Marina is a fully equipped option for those who like to explore different routes along the Aegean and Mediterranean. With its marina services and a variety of businesses, it’s one of the best marinas in the country.

The marina covers an area of 3000 square meters and with its service buildings, yacht club, restaurants, shops, and yachts, serves as the main marina for the area of coast from Fethiye to Kemer. Giving new life to tourism in the country, the marina has quickly become a favorite harbor for sea-lovers.

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Kas Marina

The Kas Marina is located between the town center and Akcagerme Beach. Also encompassing Bucak Bay, the marina faces the Cukurbag Peninsula. Today, the marina is one of the most modern marinas in the Mediterranean region. It’s aimed at developing tourism in Kas, bringing money into the region through yachts and yachting, and reunited Kas with its sailing history.

The marina is preferred by guests for not only its tie-down points but for its wide range of repair and maintenance services. Its most important feature is the fact that it offers complete protection from the elements. The breakwater in the marina was built to provide even more protection.

Located close to many islands and bays in the region, the marina is also in close proximity to shops, sports facilities, and restaurants. Those who anchor their yachts in the marina can walk to the town center and find whatever they’re looking for. Walking from the marina to the town center only takes about 10 minutes. In addition, the Acisu Public Beach and Akcagerme Beach are right next to the marina.

The marina is preferred by yacht owners because, in addition to being protected, it is also modern. The Kas marina is home to 472 berths and has the capacity to hold 160 boats in dry storage. Its dry dock is one of the most important technical areas in the region in terms of both its size and function.

The marina has seven buoys and one breakwater. Its water is deep enough to accommodate all kinds of boats including super and mega yachts. The maximum depth of the marina is 40 meters. Since mooring lines are provided, anchoring is not allowed.

In addition to a water depth suitable for boats of all sizes, including super and mega yachts, and berthing options, the marina offers seven floating docks and one dock. It’s home to service buildings, a yacht club, restaurants, shops, and an area of 3000 square meters. Even if you don’t have a yacht, you can check out the marina during your visit to Kas. You can sit and have a coffee across from white sails and the Mediterranean.

Providing all services catering to yachts and their owners, the Kas Marina serves as the main marina and essential harbor for the stretch of coast between Fethiye and Kemer. With all of these special features, the Kas Marina is the preferred destination for sea-lovers on the stretch of coast between Fethiye and Kemer.

The Kas Marina offers hauling services 24 hours a day. In addition to offering lifting, launching, and pressure washing, you can also take advantage of wintering and maintenance services from the available technical workshops.

They perform osmosis treatment, varnish, epoxy and polyester work, sail canvas, shrink wrapping, bimini-top, sprayhood repair and production, all kinds of motor repair, generators, lathe work, deck production, and the repair, installation, and maintenance of electric and electronic equipment.

The Kas Marina aims to spread sailing, sea-based tourism, and yachting to a wider audience, encourage youth and create awareness, introduce the coasts of our country to the international yachting community and increase traffic along these coasts, widen there ‘marina chain’ nationally and internationally with innovative strategies, become an exemplar brand, and create value in the sector.

Their goal to be one of the most important brands in the Mediterranean Basin, the marina is contributing to the advancement of sailing in the country.

Setur Kas Marina Prices

You need to get in touch with the management of Setur Kas Marina to get price information about your specific yacht and services before berthing.

Setur Kas Marina Contact Info

Those wishing to get in touch with the management of Setur Kas Marina can either call +90 242 836 3700 or email them at info@kasmarina.com.tr. In addition, you can also visit them at their location next to the Acisu area.

How to Get to the Kas Marina

The Kas Marina is 10 minutes from the town center on foot. You can easily reach it by walking from the center towards Acisu. You can also catch one of the minibuses headed from the center to Akcagerme Beach to reach the marina in 5 minutes.

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