With the inviting color of its turquoise water, Kaputas Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches not only in Turkey, but around the world. With its enchanting turquoise blue and golden sands, Kaputas is truly unparalleled. Most first-time visitors to Kas fall in love with Kaputas at first sight, later returning to Kas every season to witness the many beautiful places it has to offer again and again.

Kaputas is located on the main road connecting Kas and Kalkan, 20 kilometers from Kas and just 7 kilometers from Kalkan. You’ll immediately know you’ve arrived when you see rows of cars lining each side of the road, their owners enjoying the beach down below; the beach can get even more crowded in summer.

Kaputas Beach

Kaputas sits between cliff-faces at the point where a deep canyon meets the sea. The entrance to the canyon is located on the road between Kalkan and Bezirgan Village. Development is banned on Kaputas Beach as it has placed under protection. Located at the mouth of the Kaputas Canyon, Kaputas Beach is also known as ‘Kanyon Agzi Plaji’ (meaning Canyon Mouth Beach). The turquoise color of the water here is caused by the ice-cold spring water flowing from the canyon.

After reaching Kaputas and parking your car, you can access the beach by walking down the nearly 180 steps leading from the road to the seaside. But don’t forget to take a picture of the beach first; gazing out over Kaputas is just as enjoyable as swimming there. It is especially beautiful near sunset.

There is one point worth noting here: although the rocky outcrops along the side of the road are good for pictures, they are also very unsafe. We felt it necessary to include this as we wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to a visitor to Kaputas. You’ll find lots of good places to take pictures on the stairs down to the beach; please don’t put yourself at risk.

The increasingly beautiful view of the beach makes each step down the stairs worth it. Some visitors change their minds about going down to the beach because of the stairs, but you can rest assured that you will never regret walking down to Kaputas. You’ll be happy you made the effort.

When you reach the beach, you’ll see place where you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas for a small fee. You’ll also find a government-run restaurant with showers and bathrooms on the right side of the beach. For years, the lack of bathrooms and showers here was a common complaint but there have since been improvements which have succeeded in meeting visitors’ needs.

The sea here is usually choppy with white foam forming as the waves break onto the sand. The lines of golden sand, white foam, and turquoise sea spread out before you, a true feast for your eyes. The beach is comprised of sand and small pebbles so it won’t hurt your feet.

The waves here are the fun part. As they lift you up and splash you down, you’ll feel like you’re on an amusement park ride. Of course, families with small children should be a bit careful. The waves can pull things from the beach into the sea and the water gets deep quickly.

Kaputas has a long season; it begins in May and visitors continue to come and swim until November. The beaches of Kas are lucky in this regard. While people in many other areas of the country are turning up their thermostats, you can continue to enjoy Kaputas.

Even if you decide not to rent a sunbed or umbrella, you can put your towel down wherever you wish and rest between swims. You can grab a snack at the restaurant near the stairs. This government-run restaurant is made entirely of wood and has a view of the sea. They offer hamburgers, pizza, sandwiches, fries, ice cream, and cold drinks. The prices are reasonable and the food is tasty.

Showers and toilets are located behind the restaurant. The water in the showers comes from natural mountain springs and is freezing cold. Cooling off in these showers after a swim can feel amazing, especially on hot summer days. Using shampoo and soap in these showers is not allowed to prevent water pollution.

Another place we would recommend you see is the Blue Cave. This cave was named after the neon blue color of the water inside. It is 18 kilometers from Kas, 6 kilometers from Kalkan, and just 600 meters from Kaputas. With a length of 50 meters, a width of 40 meters, a height of 15 meters, and multiple small rooms and channels, we highly recommend a visit to the Blue Cave.

How to Get There

Kaputas Beach is easily accessible. Those coming from Kas can take one of the minibuses running from Kas to Kaputas, or use any of the vehicles headed for Kalkan and get off at the beach.

Those coming from Kalkan can also use a minibus or any vehicle headed for Kas.

The closest airport to Kaputas Beach is Dalaman Airport, 160 kilometers away. Another alternative is Antalya Airport, which is 200 kilometers away. Those trying to get to Kaputas from the Antalya Airport will first have to take one of the buses headed to Kas that depart from the bus station. You’ll have to take the tramway from the airport to the bus station.

With its turquoise sea and unique landscape, Kaputas Beach is unparalleled in its beauty. Put Kaputas at the top of your ‘What to See in Kas’ list. Hopefully you’ll enjoy Kaputas to the fullest and create memories that you’ll never forget. You can visit Kaputas Beach on a boat trip of Kas.

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