No one needs a reason to go on holiday. However, people do ask questions, and in case you are stuck for words, here are five good reasons why you might take the gulet cruise in Turkey of a lifetime.

1.      The beauty of it all

The coastline of the Antalya province of Turkey is one of the most beautiful in the world. The only way to see it is to go on a gulet cruise in Turkey, making use of our gulet or private boat rental. This way, you will experience the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, the glory of the sun rising and setting, the loveliness of moonlight upon water at night and the waft of soft, sea breezes.

Of importance is the climate, with temperatures in June, July and August averaging between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius. Be aware that it can get as hot as 40 degrees on certain summer days.

2.      Daytime recreation and relaxation

On a gulet holiday in Turkey, you can undertake a wonderful range of physical activities and sports. Whether making use of crewed yacht rental or private boat rental, you will have endless opportunity for swimming and snorkelling in the clear, blue waters of Aquarium Cove and off of the wonderful Kaputaş Beach

When you fancy a break from water sports, you can take one of the many walks that the islands have to offer. Gemiler Adasi or Ships Island is the place to do just this; its special feature being a hill that you can climb and enjoy a bottle of wine as the sun is setting.

Of course, many people find that sunbathing is quite taxing enough while on holiday. Opportunities abound for this, what with lying on a boat deck in the sun or laying on one of the many golden beaches, such as Cleopatra Bay.

3.      Sail into history

The Antalya coast, site of the ancient Lycian culture, is steeped in history. And a gulet holiday in Turkey allows you access to marvels that you would otherwise only see on television. Perhaps the most historical of our trips is the Kaş – Kekova voyage. On day two of this trip, we spend the evening and night in Aperlai Cove, where you can explore Byzantine and post-Byzantine ruins.

On day four of the trip, we visit the sunken city of Kekova, another site that is rich in historical ruins. Day five brings a visit to the pirates’ cave off of Pineforest Bay, where the lucky among you may stumble upon hidden treasure. Needless to say, you can access these and many other historical sites on board a crewed yacht rental or by private boat rental. The Kaş-Fethiye-Göcek Voyage is also heavy in history. On day three, we visit Hamam Bay; a place where the divers among you can explore the ruins of an ancient Roman bath.

4.      Fabulous food and nightlife

A holiday is nothing if not an opportunity to enjoy fantastic local cuisine. One highlight of a gulet cruise in Turkey is access to a continual supply of fresh fish and other seafood. The price you pay for a gulet rental does include three superb meals each day, prepared by an on-board chef. Appetising lunches are served on every private boat rental, relished by hungry swimming and snorkelling parties.

In addition to food, there is also the nightlife to enjoy when you join us on one of our voyages. One spot to watch for is the Pirate’s Bar on Pineforest Bay, which we visit on our Kaş – Kekova voyage.

If you really want to make the most of your sea-induced appetite, then join the Dinner Dining Tour, for an unforgettable evening supper. As you enjoy fresh fish and traditional Turkish food under a starlit sky, you have the option of being entertained by an Udi or Turkish violin player.

5.      Our gulet cruise and gulet holidays are just the best

Overall, people go on holiday to have a good time. Given the attention we pay to your comfort and safety on board our boats, taking a sailing holiday in Turkey is one way to feel very special, indeed.

Customers also need to know that there is nothing intrusive about our gulet cruise, since we leave the craft at night for your privacy and rejoin it using our tender boat the next morning; just another great reason why you should take a sailing holiday in Turkey.

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