Everyone who’s been to Kas has heard of the Cukurbag Peninsula. One of the many beautiful coves found on the famous Cukurbag Peninsula, Hidayet Cove is always listed as one of Kas’s best coves. Hidayet Cove gets its name from a man named Hidayet who once lived here. Only three kilometers from town, you can even walk here.

This small beach is home to bright blue water and surrounded by rocks; seeing this special place just once is never enough. Full of sea turtles chasing after colorful schools of fish, the underwater life here is amazing. You’ll discover a whole different world the minute you put on your goggles and dive under the water of this exciting cove.

Hidayet Cove

Hidayet Cove is surrounded by rocks and hills with only a short section of beach. The coves around Kas are generally rocky; there aren’t any long, sandy beaches. Hidayet Cove, in the central part of the Cukurbag Peninsula looks out towards Kas and Limanagzi.

What sets Hidayet Cove apart from the others is its aquarium-calm water and the rocks coalescing into the sea. There are few places on earth where you can see such a variety of sea life both underwater and while walking along the shore.

Just a few meters from the shore you can see lionfish, eels, squid, crabs, and interesting types of jellyfish all in the same day. Make sure you bring googles or a mask when you come to Hidayet Cove. When there are no waves you can even see underwater sea creatures with your naked eye.

Until 2015, Hidayet Cove was famous for being calm and totally natural. But in 2015 the cove changed dramatically after Blanca Beach Restaurant was opened. They built wooden platforms on top of the rocks and put sunbeds and umbrellas on top of those platforms. The white umbrellas and sunbeds are accented with blue pillows. You can swim or use the rocky beach from here. Two sunbeds and one umbrella cost 80 TL.

Blanca Beach has been serving Hidayet Cove since 2015. This business consists of a hotel, a restaurant, and provides sunbeds and umbrellas for rent on the beach. If you’d like, you can take advantage of these services. If not, you can access the beach at no cost. It’s up to you.

With its location and architecture, Blanca Beach Hotel is one of Kas’s best boutique hotels. This single-storied building was built among the olive trees. The boutique hotel was built using stone architecture, a nod to Kas’s traditional atmosphere.

Each room of the Blanca Beach Hotel is decorated in a different color. They have 17 rooms in total. The ceiling of each room is covered in cedar wood. Every room features a sea view and a large terrace. As long as you make a reservation, there’s no way you’ll be stuck with a room with no view.

Guests staying in the hotel can use sunbeds and umbrellas at no extra cost. Each room is equipped with a television, air conditioning, mini bar, telephone, hair dryer, and Wi-Fi connection. The hotel consists of one honeymoon suit, one four-person suite, two standards suites, nine deluxe rooms, and four standard rooms. You can choose a room to suit your tastes and your budget. The smallest, standard rooms are 23 m2, while the biggest room is 42 m2.

If you’d like to participate in activities other than sunbathing and swimming while at the hotel, the staff will help you to arrange diving, trekking, paragliding, jeep safari, sea kayaking, canyoning, horseback riding, hiking on the Lycian Way, daily boat trips to the sunken city of Kekova or other nearby coves, or ancient city tours.

When you stay at this hotel, you can have your breakfast early by the seaside. Just like everywhere in Kas, sunrise and sunset are beautiful here.

The hotel’s restaurant is also quite good. They serve wonderful food for dinner. Their menu mainly consists of Mediterranean favorites like fresh vegetables cooked in olive oil and grilled meat or fish. As the sun sets you can enjoy a romantic dinner at their tables decorated in blue and white.

How to Get to Hidayet Cove

You can walk or take public transit to Hidayet Cove. If you want to walk, just head from Kas towards the Cukurbag Peninsula. Continue along Beyhan Cenkci Street on the peninsula. If you’re coming from the peninsula, you’ll see signs on your right hand side.

If you’d like to take public transit, there are minibuses that leave from the central mosque every 20 minutes. You’ll reach the cove in 15 minutes at the most. You can also drive yourself. Continue along the main road heading towards the peninsula. Once you descend down a steep section of road, you’ll see a parking area with lots of spots. The hotel’s own parking lot is paid parking, but they also have a free area.

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